Hollywood Infected Your Brain

Earlier in the year I thought Marina & The Diamonds had somehow been left after the Sound of 2009 poll. Secretly everyone was gently taking their time to make sure the Sound of 2010 poll had her at the top or at very least the top 5. In the ever confusing world of buzz singles, limited release, digital only, the video for her FIRST SINGLE PROPER (i.e. the first single on a major label) seems to have just hit the web.


Marina looks absolutely gorgeous but I’m hoping this isn’t another case of ‘loved by the critics (at first), written about to the point of boredom and then generally ignored by the public’ a la Little Boots. The chorus of this is much poppier than anything else we’ve heard from Marina before and it includes these outstanding lines that will quite easily make Adrian explode:

‘He said ‘OH MY GOD, You look like Shakira
No, no you’re Catherine Zeta
Actually my name’s Marina’

It’s like a 2010 answerback song to this that should be sent back in time ten (TEN!) years as a warning:

Hockey – Song Away

Where Too Fake was quite an exciting debut single, the next single from Hockey is total run of the mill, could be Razorlight, could be Jet, 80s influenced indie. I just can’t get enough of it though. There’s something about ‘Song Away’ that fills me with utter bliss and the newly released video has made me feel even more so. It’s like Michael Cera trying to romance Ugly Betty. I love the notion that ‘tomorrow is just a song away’ and am trying to hammer the face off this at Popstarz. It went straight on the Radio 2 A list as their song of the week, although is R1 is yet to pick it up. Love, love, love.


The Big Pink

First came The Klaxons, then Friendly Fires, and now The Big Pink. Well actually, according to other more knowledgeable people, first came Spiritualized, My Bloody Valentine, Jesus & Mary Chain and Happy Mondays, but I know bugger all about those bands.

They went unnoticed by me earlier in the year despite appearing on the BBC Sound of 2009 poll but it’s probably only now that they’re about to break through into popular consciousness. ‘Too Young To Love’ showcased their dreamy side, particularly on The Living Eye remix while ‘Stop The World’ was a big old fashioned indie song that’s made just that bit more special with fuzzy electronics swooshing all over the bass. Now ‘Dominos’ is the track to break them, preceding their brilliantly named debut album ‘A Brief History Of Love’. It’s packed full of feedback and distortion but also a brilliant pop hook. Plus hot female drummers always earn a couple more points. You can download the track for free (FREE!) at their official site.


Knickers To The Rescue

Getting the Comic Relief single is a huge thing. It normally guarantees you a #1 and boosts your profile lots. This year, The Saturdays, have managed to score the prize spot and will be releasing a cover of Depeche Mode’s ‘Just Can’t Get Enough’ on 2 March. Thanks to some comedy outfits, a bit of a Girls Aloud doing ‘The Show’ sheen, and generally having fun, it’s going to endear them to a whole new audience and if the song wasn’t enough to get them to the top of the charts, the video certainly is. Plus Frankie finally gets a solo line. Hurrah!


Ben Folds – You Don’t Know Me

‘You Don’t Know Me’ is the super cute first single from the new Ben Folds’ album ‘Way To Normal’. It’s jaunty, bouncy and makes me think of something you might hear on Avenue Q / Sesame Street (this isn’t necessarily a bad thing). A duet with Regina Spektor, it’s the kind of pairing that geeky indie kids everywhere will be swooning over. It’s impossible not to go all gooey particularly with the little talky breakdown bit towards the end. I heart Regina’s “say it!”. The official video sucks so I want you to watch this sweet fan made one instead.