Passion Pit

Passion Pit

This is lovely. It’s by a band called Passion Pit who are one of the fifteen bands on the BBC’s Sound of 2009 longlist. I was one of the voters in the poll but chose 1. Little Boots 2. Janelle Monae and 3. The Good Natured as my votes.

The trippy Sleepyhead was released as a single earlier in the year from their Chunk of Change EP and has a dreamy yet scary, weird Kate Bush style falsetto being patched together by the Avalanches sound to it. It’s simply three minutes of gorgeously delirious fun. The buzz for these Massachusets boys started round CMJ time and I’m pretty sure they’re going to be one of those bands that the hipsters heart until they get popular at which point they’ll be hated (cf Vampire Weekend). They’re recording their debut album now and will be playing in the UK in February.


Download Sleepyhead [legal MP3] from Spinner Mag

Gwenno Goes Solo

When Gwenno Saunders joined The Pipettes, we were outraged. Who was this polished blonde stunner ruining the quirkiness of our new favourite girl group? Now she’s the only Pips v2.0 member left, and we love her.

Early on in the Pipettes days Gwenno began posting songs on her myspace page. The first was the uber cute ‘Lime Cordial’ but more recently she’s released a whole mini EP that’s been offered up for free download.

Perfectly described by the lady herself as ‘Ace of Base produced by The Postal Service’ with a hint of Hot Chip, the EP is a calm ride through some laid back electronic pop. Drum machines and programmed keys make up most of the music, and Gwenno’s sweet voice shines through.

Here’s my two favourite tracks:

She’s Got Me On Her Mind [MP3]
You & I [MP3]