Peter, Bjorn and John can rest! There’s a new Scandavanian whistling anthem on the horizon designed to delight and then after extreme overplay intensely annoy. NONONO are Stina Wäppling, Tobias “Astma” Jimson and Michel Rocwell. Stina works as a psychiatric nurse and had spent the previous two years songwriting with a bunch of different producers all encouraged to make a US radio hit. Then she met Jimson and Rocwell and over time they found their sound and formed NONONO.

Signed to Warner Music in the UK, their debut single and absolute radio hit Pumpin Blood will be released in September.

Influences include Martha Wainwright, Depeche Mode and The Cure – the latter two you can hear very clearly in Down Under and Like The Wind

Beatrice Eli – Conqueror


See Joyce, except this one is actually Scandavian.

Beatrice Eli is Swedish and demanding love in a big way. Conqueror is dark and moody and comes with some gigantic production. I don’t think listening on my headphones is doing this justice, particularly the gigantic drums surrounding the killer line –  ‘I demand that special part – the conqueror of your heart.’

New Teddybears!


A few years ago a Swedish band called Teddybears released an album called ‘Soft Machine’ which absolutely won my heart. I think I first came across them Annie did guest vocals on their song ‘Yours To Keep.’ There was some very complex online discussion about this particular song over whose version was the best at Paolo & Neneh Cherry both had their own. Then along came Robyn’s album and ‘Cobrastyle’ – a song which turned out to be theirs from several years ago. Klas Åhlund might be a name you’re familiar with because he produced Robyn’s album, wrote ‘Piece of Me’ for Britney, ‘Speakerphone’ for Kylie and was in The Caesars. In Sweden, he’s best known for being a Teddybear.

Anyway all this led me to finally pick up a copy of Teddybears’ first international album when I was in Montreal in 2007. It’s their 5th album overall and pulls together lots of songs from the past onto one big American edition. Punk Rocker with Iggy Pop on vocals and the original ‘Cobrastyle’ fast became part of my DJ sets and the whole album soundtracked a hell of a lot of journeys. In fact it’s only fault is that Elephant Man is the vocalist on the awesomely fun ‘Are You Feeling It’.

Anyway this whole babble is to introduce the fact that Teddybears are back! Hooray! They’ve just released a free download of ‘Get Mama A House’, a song that started life as a advertising jingle. Hopefully this means a new album soon. Grab it here.

Le Kid – Mercy Mercy


My google reader is so full up of blogs I want to read but I’ve been trying to move over to another RSS system so I make a conscious effort as I’m missing out on lots of amazing pop.

Le Kid is one such gem. Introduced by Don’t Stop The Pop, it’s one of those songs that your mates who used to go to Tenerife in the summer holidays would come back singing, and then it would go on to be a catchy UK chart botherer until gloomy November.

It’s very upbeat and pop and has elements of Can’t Speak French, Mambo No 5 and another song I can’t quit place. It’s the chorus though – can you get it? It’s written by some massive Swedish pop gurus and the video contains some fabulous ‘dry’ synchronized swimming. As Popjustice put it, it’s what would happen ‘If Alphabeat weren’t quite so obsessed with Shoreditch…’

‘Telephone’ over on their myspace is even better.

Kleerup Arrives

You might remember the name Kleerup from Robyn’s brilliant #1 ‘With Every Heartbeat’ – he was the producer behind the song and accompanied Robyn live on lots of early gig dates. Beardy and hairy he looked like an unlikely pop star but his self titled debut album managed to deliver one of most bittersweet pop albums of 2008 in Sweden. He’d had lots of practice before going solo though, as the former drummer in amazing Swedish band Teddybears STHLM.

Now ‘Kleerup’ is set to be released in the UK in April or May time thanks to Positiva Records. The album is filled with gorgeous soaring electro pop fronted on the whole by some of Sweden’s best vocalists including Neneh Cherry and Marit Bergman. Robyn described it to me very well as ‘songs to dance to with tears in your eyes’. To get the ball rolling, an EP named ‘Holla Holla’ will be out first with the disjointed ‘Until We Bleed’ featuring Lykke Li and bittersweet ‘Longing For Lullabies’ with Neneh’s younger sister Titiyo. Here’s the Swedish video for the latter:


Most excitingly Kleerup will be live at Cargo on April 9, hopefully with lots of vocalists in tow.



Too often at the moment I’m hearing an amazing song, thinking ‘ooh I’ll blog about that’ and then remembering when it’s at #1. Unhelpful. The brilliantly named ‘I Love My Baby (but if anyone touches her I’ll kill them) is one such track. Not that it’ll ever go to #1 mind.

Perfectly positioned to break the UK in a post-Alphabeat land this burst of twee bliss is blasting straight out of Sweden thanks to 11 piece band Napoleon. I first heard it on Radio 2’s amazing Radcliffe & Maconie show a few weeks ago where it later went on to become their record of the week. It’s slightly oddly mixed and nothing else on their myspace comes close but the horns, the chirpy female backing vocals and the whole Motown vibe is a winner. This single came out last week and an album will be out later in the year courtesy of Ruffa Lane Records.

Stronger Than Nina

In between Cardigans albums, the magnificent Nina Perrson teamed up with a dude from Sparklehorse and created the amazing A Camp. Now the band is back, 7 years later, and with a slightly different indie line-up. Nina is still at the helm but this time round she’s joined by her husband Nathan Larson, drummer Kevin March, Joan As Police Woman, Nikolai Dungar and the Smashing Pumpkins’ James Iha.

Their album ‘Colonia’ is out in February but it’ll be preceded (for about 47 people) by the single ‘Stronger Than Jesus’.

Listen to it here.