Review: Miley Cyrus – Breakout

Having spent most her life being more a brand than a human being, the girl behind Disney sensation Hannah Montana is finally creating her own self – Miley Cyrus. Fresh from pregnancy hoaxes and a controversial Vanity Fair photo-shoot, the aptly-named Breakout sees the world’s most famous 15-year-old throwing her toys out of the pram and putting her own name into the spotlight. All the Disney kids have tried to pull off the move from acting to singing with varying degrees of success, but it’s only Miley who has the songs and personality to make it work.

Read my full review of Miley Cyrus – Breakout over at Orange Music.

Music Go Music

Disco is so hot right now. Not only is Blackpool’s very own Little Boots sending everyone squealing with ‘Stuck On Repeat’ and her newer stuff, but Argentian / UK combo Heartbreak are also sending the blogs burning up in a frenzy.

Meanwhile on the other side of the Atlantic, I’ve just found anonymous trio Music Go Music. Totally embracing the ABBA side of disco, in particular on single ‘Light of Love’, the three songs on myspace are firey melancholic pop that leaves me very excited to see what else is coming.

I can’t spot who they are though, are the vocals familiar to you? Or is the mystery just there to develop some hype. Here’s the epic & dramatic ‘Reach Out’.

Music Go Music – Reach Out [MP3] (free mp3 provided by the band)

Introducing… As In RebekkaMaria

The former singer of Danish band Lampshade, As In RebekkaMaria is the latest in a long line of Scandanavian pop stars I’m enjoying. Considerably more bonkers acting than the rest, Rebekka Maria came to London for her first show last night and we went down to check it out.

With very little promotion and no one having a clue who she was, there were only about 22 people there but after a rubbish first 3 minutes it then turned into a mini rave. Wearing a massive purple scarf round her hair for the first part of the gig, there was unfortunately no live band with RM singing over a DJ playing tracks. Unlike when we saw Annie do this a few years ago though, you could actually hear what she was saying.

Twisted strange sounding pop with quite creepy electro, the highlights had to be the energetic ‘She Lion’ and finale ‘Army of Foxes’. Team her up with Roisin Murphy and you’d have an electropop duet made in heaven. I’m waiting for her awesomely named album ‘Queen of France’ to arrive but in the meantime take a listen to her myspace.

Review: Red Blooded Women at Water Rats

Red Blooded Women

Good new girl groups are far and few between. While we may have loved Sugababes back in the day and Girls Aloud are still owners of our heart, for everyone of them there’s also been a Clea, a Mania and a Frank. Now, more than ever since the time of Spice Power, new girl groups are trying to make it, with Red Blooded Women being one name in a long list.

Put together by Mark Pattison, a former journalist for Popjustice, you’d expect them to be sassy, edgy and poptastic and it seems they are just that. We caught Carly, Candy and Liz at one a small London gig at Water Rats last night playing to an excitable crowd in an excitable manner. There’s no faux graces or stage school wide eyes about these three, instead you’re kind of transported to the world of the Spice Girls before they were famous with cheeky on stage banter, flirting with the audience and leader of the gang Liz becoming your new best mate.

As The Saturdays make the first girl group chart stamp of 2008 with their Yazoo sampling ‘If This Is Love’, Red Blooded Women somehow manage to choose the same band to sample on opening track ‘Colour Me Dirty’. Typical of their sound, it’s big, brash and oozing with 80s synths much like debut single ‘You Made Your Bed’, complete with ‘With Every Heartbeat’ style breakdown. Our favourite song had to be cheeky PWL homage ‘Keep up The Attraction’ dedicated to Banarama and built with mischevious dance routines.

We have to be honest here, but we’re not entirely sure that all vocals we heard tonight were live. They were a bit too perfect, still we’re not talking about anything serious and chinstroking here, just pure unashamed pop calculated for dancefloor perfection.

Check them out online here and download a megamix of their forthcoming album here.

Gwenno Goes Solo

When Gwenno Saunders joined The Pipettes, we were outraged. Who was this polished blonde stunner ruining the quirkiness of our new favourite girl group? Now she’s the only Pips v2.0 member left, and we love her.

Early on in the Pipettes days Gwenno began posting songs on her myspace page. The first was the uber cute ‘Lime Cordial’ but more recently she’s released a whole mini EP that’s been offered up for free download.

Perfectly described by the lady herself as ‘Ace of Base produced by The Postal Service’ with a hint of Hot Chip, the EP is a calm ride through some laid back electronic pop. Drum machines and programmed keys make up most of the music, and Gwenno’s sweet voice shines through.

Here’s my two favourite tracks:

She’s Got Me On Her Mind [MP3]
You & I [MP3]