Joyce – Keep The Lights On

If we were talking typical Talia music a few years ago it would involve a floaty sounding female pop star singing over an electronic track. There would be extra bonus if  the artist was Scandinavian. So when my friend Ben played me ‘Keep The Lights On’ by Joyce a few weeks ago he was confused that I wasn’t that into it. I thought it all sounded a bit 5 years ago and I didn’t really like the ‘Laaaaandan’ accent talky bit, but a couple of listens later I’ve changed my mind – it’s too euphoric and twirly to not like.


Joyce isn’t her real name. Bizarrely it’s a stage name instead of Katherine Fussey. I always think of old ladies when I hear the name Joyce, but she’s a 21 year old Londoner signed to Island Records. This song is a reworking of a Wave Machines song which is pretty similar. Joyce just adds that extra shimmer. Out April 30.

King Charles

I’m not often drawn to new male artists (just look at the streams of girls below) and certainly not ones born out of the *spit* folk *spit* scene, but take a look at King Charles.

New on Island Records, King Charles has hair that I guess makes him noticable, but you wouldn’t want it anywhere near you. He first launched in 2009 but, as seems to be the curse of Island, then had a huge accident which put him out of action for two years. Now he’s back with his first single ‘Bam Bam’. I kind of want to hate it but it’s just too much fun. Plus his favourite subject at school was Latin. Win.


Lauren Pritchard

Island Records seem to be having quite a tough time launching new artists over the last couple of years. They’ve managed to break Mumford & Sons and Florence & The Machine but they both sprung from a really natural indie scene growth. Their latest female popstar is 22 year old Tennessee born singer Lauren Pritchard. She’s cute, a former cast member of the original Spring Awakening line up on Broadway, has mastered the tortured soul routine and ticks many a box for the adult contemporary Radio 2 audience. The problem remains that though they seem totally different artists, the best moments of Lauren’s debut album ‘Wasted In Jackson’ just sound Amy-lite.

Four years (!!!) after its release “Back to Black” is still having a massive influence on the music scene in the UK. If you’re making indie music, no one cares. If you’re making electronic sounding r&b you’re doing great, but if you’re making anything with a slight tortured hint of retro or soul then it’s tough. Daniel Merriweather and Adele made it but great albums from the likes of Leon Jean Marie and The Rumble Strips (all involved Amy producer Mark Ronson) have made absolutely no impact and I think Lauren could be looking at the same outcome.

Her debut single (and most Amy) ‘Painkillers’ is a killer track that deserved to be huge but I think I’d prefer to hear it from Daniel Merriweather. Her new single ‘Not The Drinking’ is nice enough, but has a cute video which sees them make the most of the Broadway talent recessed in Lauren’s bones and go for the Feist 1234 effect.


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