Whatever You Like

This gorgeous, breathy cover of TI’s gently epicĀ  ‘Whatever You Like’ was featured on this week’s ‘controversial’ US episode of Gossip Girl.

Sung by San Diego singer-songwriter Anya Marina, it’s almost like a goofier version of something you might expect from Nouvelle Vague. She’s also got a song on the new Twilight soundtrack. Zeitgeist her face off.

Good Girls Go Bad

Is there anyone in the world who doesn’t want to be Blair Waldorf? Here’s Leighton’s first proper release as a pop star teaming up with Cobra Starship for ‘Good Girls Go Bad’. It’s been knocking about for quite a while but the video has just come out today – I’m slightly concerned that she doesn’t seem to have much rhythm but I’m hoping that’s a youtube sync issue!


Love the xoxo text message!

Mother Chucker

If you were a fan of Cruel Intentions and you’ve not been watching Gossip Girl, you’ve been missing out big style. Series 2 is nearly over in the US, but while there’s been weeks without new episodes tv network, The CW, has been doing some really great promos for the show.

Here’s the latest – all about the love to hate star of the show, Chuck Bass