A Christmas Duel

“I bought no gift this year and I slept with your sister.”

“That’s ok honey, cos I bought no tree this year and I slept with your brother”

Could there be any more magical (!) Christmas lyrics than these? They come from an unlikely duet between the deep voiced Hives and the helium filled Cyndi Lauper who’ve teamed up for ‘A Christmas Duel’. ¬†Utterly charming, pounding with Spector-esque production and bursting with fun, I doubt there will be a Christmas song to top this for a few years to come. It’s been ‘stuck on repeat’ for the last half an hour.


Download it for free between 28 Р30th November at The Hives website or pay (and get it into the charts!!) from December 1.

Ben Folds – You Don’t Know Me

‘You Don’t Know Me’ is the super cute first single from the new Ben Folds’ album ‘Way To Normal’. It’s jaunty, bouncy and makes me think of something you might hear on Avenue Q / Sesame Street (this isn’t necessarily a bad thing). A duet with Regina Spektor, it’s the kind of pairing that geeky indie kids everywhere will be swooning over. It’s impossible not to go all gooey particularly with the little talky breakdown bit towards the end. I heart Regina’s “say it!”. The official video sucks so I want you to watch this sweet fan made one instead.