Jessica 6 – White Horse

Scattering icy disco dust all over the place, ‘White Horse’ is the first single release from Jessica 6‘s debut album ‘See The Light’.

Led by vocalist Nomi Ruiz, the band are all ex members of Hercules & Love Affair and were given a helping hand by Anthony Hegarty when he tipped them for future success in the Guardian last year. It’s very Horse Meat Disco (making me want to go tonight!) and happily slots into the whole nu-disco vibe with a large helping of early 90s house vibes.

Download a free MP3 of the single over at RCRD LBL



This cute disco track almost makes the fact that I am going to Bowlie 2 and missing one of the greatest weekends ever in London acceptable.

The greatest weekend includes at least:

  • The Human League at Royal Festival Hall
  • Paloma Faith doing something mad at the Barbican
  • Boring 10

Anyone near Weston Super Mare with a TV better watch out.

In The Evening

Horse Meat Disco
The new Horse Meat Disco album is out, but I’m still massively enjoying edition 1. The ultimate disco floor-filler moment on it comes from Sheryl Lee Ralph with ‘In The Evening’.

The lyrics are brilliant and make me do all kinds of inside my hair music video construction. Who cannot relate to, “In the evening, the real me comes alive.” Maybe my current weary nature can’t, but me at 19 definitely can.

Best of all though is the music video. It’s full of totally mental face pulling. I could watch it again and again open-mouthed at the mass insanity of it.

Warning : serious amounts of ‘acting’ follow.

[For non London people – Horse Meat Disco is a gay club night in Vauxhall where men, primarily ranging from the slightly hairy to very hairy style, dance about to disco music in a dark room. It is amazing.]

Boy Crisis


Although they were knocking about in the UK a couple of months ago it seems, I’ve just got round to listening to self declared ‘Brooklyn Buzz Band’ Boy Crisis. Signed to B-Unique, they are Tal, Alex, Victor, Lee and Owen and if you love your synth pop could quite happily become your new favourite band.

Lots of people are comparing them to MGMT because they’ve come out of the same world, attending the same college and even being mainly introduced to each other by them. From the songs I’ve heard, I think there’s a bit less messing about. Brilliant disco track “Dressed To Digress” packs together funk, pop and a breathless dirty vocal that draws images of a packed, sleazy nightclub or at least a soundtrack during a particularly sexy scene on Gossip Girl with the ‘tiger looking for the tigress.’ One for the Popstarz bag.

New single, ‘The Fountain of Youth’ (video above), comes out on Monday here in the UK just preceding their debut album ” ” (formerly called Tulipomania). It’s a big bag of joy that opens with electronic flutes that’ll put you in mind of Daft Punk’s ‘Veridis Quo’, before a guitar snarl gives way to a seductive 80s beat. The video is ridiculously over the top and campy, with a very strange hot dog moment and a glorious boy band dance routine from the band clad in white tunic tops and tight gold leggings. This is a band who are enjoy dressing up and creating something a bit silly. Hurrah for that.



In dance music, female vocalists rarely get name-checked, never mind seen in a scantily clad video. We’ve been dancing to songs like Michael Gray’s ‘The Weekend’ and Alex Gaudino’s ‘Watch Out’ for years but have we ever heard of the vocalist, Shena?

A session singer originally, last week Shena released her new single ‘Can’t Stop The Rain’ and although it didn’t do big things, it must surely have tickled the ears of Hed Kandi or Ministry’s A&R people. Sounding like the closest thing to Chic, particularly I Want Your Love, in many a year, it’s full of funky horns, a hip shimmering bassline and Nile Rodgers’ bells. Radio 2 have been playing it on their B-list but I’d love it to pick up somewhere else in the future.

Paul Lester says it better.


Review: Heartbreak – Lies

Disco’s all the rage. 80’s all the rage. Put the two together and you get something that sounds like Heartbreak, the pairing of the fabulously named Ali Renault and Argentinian Sebastian Muravchik. They both look like they’ve fallen straight out of East London, complete with skinny moustache, so it’s no surprise they’re making that italo-disco sound all the cool kids are talking about.

‘Lies’, their debut album, is a somewhat mixed affair. While at times, Sebastian’s voice can sound epic and flamboyant, it also has something of a ‘Jake Shears gone evil’ tone to it, none more so as in the absurd sounding ‘Robot’s Got The Feeling’. ‘Akin To Dancing’ transports us to a seedy NY discotheque, while the pulsating Moroder beats of former single ‘We’re Back’ pound along with high drama. This 7.30 minute epic, which sent all the hipster blogs into a frenzy back in August, is their masterpiece, with the eerie and creepily sung lyric “You have not heard it all before, cos we’re back from the disco to the radio”.

Close but no mirrorball – we’re not entirely convinced by this album – if we wanted italo disco we’d listen to Sally Shapiro, and if we wanted creepy 80s synth pop we’d go for Cut Copy. If nothing else we can thank Heartbreak for the best song title we’ve heard in a long time – ‘Deathly Pong of Love’. Brilliant.

Originally published in September’s Attitude Magazine

Here’s Little Boots’ cover of the epic “We’re Back”.

Music Go Music

Disco is so hot right now. Not only is Blackpool’s very own Little Boots sending everyone squealing with ‘Stuck On Repeat’ and her newer stuff, but Argentian / UK combo Heartbreak are also sending the blogs burning up in a frenzy.

Meanwhile on the other side of the Atlantic, I’ve just found anonymous trio Music Go Music. Totally embracing the ABBA side of disco, in particular on single ‘Light of Love’, the three songs on myspace are firey melancholic pop that leaves me very excited to see what else is coming.

I can’t spot who they are though, are the vocals familiar to you? Or is the mystery just there to develop some hype. Here’s the epic & dramatic ‘Reach Out’.

Music Go Music – Reach Out [MP3] (free mp3 provided by the band)