MPHO – Box & Locks


MPHO first popped into the music world as the vocalist on 2003’s Booty La La by Bugz In The Attic. Since then she’s been operating round London town as MPHO Skeef, showing up as backing vocalists for various pop stars and has finally signed to a major label with her debut album due later this year.

‘Box N Locks’ is her first single and it’s an immediate assertion that this is an album full of in your face party pop. With lyrics about the assumption that just cos she’s a ‘brown girl’ she’ll be ‘making urban music’, we can’t help but shed a tiny tear for Remi Nicole (where is she?) Back to MPHO – the video manages to look very glossy and US friendly despite using just a few cheaply set up shots. I love, love the line about Leeds and of course the song is based around one of my all time favourite songs ‘Echo Beach’. I’m actually more familiar with the Dimestars version which I got off Anfunny’s site a few years ago and have banged out at Popstarz ever since. Now Box N Locks looks set to join it in my must play tunes and I can’t wait to hear the rest of her album ‘Pop Art’.

Download MPHO – Album Minimix
Download Dimestars – Echo Beach

Dirty Diegos

In a brilliant moment of pop / tv crossover, Fascination Records (home of GA & The Saturdays) have signed up Hollyoaks very own band, the Dirty Diegos to release a single at the end of November. Now I love Hollyoaks and love Fascination, so to me this is hilarious but brilliant news.

They’re treating them totally in character and the promo cd reads, “The Dirty Diegos are a local band from the Chester suburbs. They met at Hollyoaks High where they are all currently studying. The band first started life as the baby Diegos with Amy as the lead vocalist but she stepped down when she gave birth to Leah. etc etc” Brilliant.

Of course, you would expect the song to be properly rubbish. But it’s not. Instead it’s a fierce 2.36 of Michaela McQueen actually on vocals sounding pretty hot. It’s originally a song by Dimestars, a short lived band in the early 2000s fronted by Roxanne Wilde (sister of Kim) and featuring Morgan who’s now in DoesIt Offend You Yeah. It’s snarly, snazzy and I’d be able to play it pretty much immediately main set at Popstarz and get people dancing with them having no idea what it is. Just listen to that middle eight.

Fascination are, however, RUBBISH because they won’t let me embed the video. I don’t understand when people do that on youtube, so lose your prejudices and go watch it here. The single is out on November 24.

Here’s the original: