Review: SugaRush Beat Company

When she’s not in a tiny skirt, shaking her Afro and blowing a trumpet with Fedde Le Grand, Danish diva Ida Corr is one of the big voices behind SugaRush Beat Company.

Joined by New York soul singer Rahsaan Patterson and producer Jaz Rogers, Ida and co have come together with the promise of “a brief history of r’n’b, only turned upside-down, twisted, stretched and re-envisaged”. Brave words indeed, especially when your band name is the most ’90s sounding thing we’ve heard in years.

Read my full review of SugaRush Beat Company’s self-titled debut at Orange Music.

Introducing… As In RebekkaMaria

The former singer of Danish band Lampshade, As In RebekkaMaria is the latest in a long line of Scandanavian pop stars I’m enjoying. Considerably more bonkers acting than the rest, Rebekka Maria came to London for her first show last night and we went down to check it out.

With very little promotion and no one having a clue who she was, there were only about 22 people there but after a rubbish first 3 minutes it then turned into a mini rave. Wearing a massive purple scarf round her hair for the first part of the gig, there was unfortunately no live band with RM singing over a DJ playing tracks. Unlike when we saw Annie do this a few years ago though, you could actually hear what she was saying.

Twisted strange sounding pop with quite creepy electro, the highlights had to be the energetic ‘She Lion’ and finale ‘Army of Foxes’. Team her up with Roisin Murphy and you’d have an electropop duet made in heaven. I’m waiting for her awesomely named album ‘Queen of France’ to arrive but in the meantime take a listen to her myspace.