90s rave aficionados – heads up! This is Mainline.


Coming out via Defected on 4 Feb, it’s the new single from German DJ, Tensnake – full of snares and fizzy drums, with a topline to get any North West dancefloor filling up. And on that topline is yet another Black Butter Records signee – Syron.

She’s 19, from South London and I know her best from her feature on 2012’s Spoons by Rudimental. Here’s another track she put out last year to much critical acclaim. Buzzing nicely in all the right circles, it’s just a matter of time until she scores a feature on a chart smash.



Obviously everyone bleated on about this last week. I’m late, and I don’t really care about the video. It’s the sleeve (and the song) that does it for me. But seriously, sleeve design of the year? of the decade? OF LIFE?

I can’t believe this is on AATW. That little Northern house label in Blackburn I once applied for work experience at. Amazing? Huge big ups to AATW for their continual growth.

Let’s thank the mighty Boney M for the hard work though, yeah? I’m not sure they had enough dry ice.


EDIT: Actually, it seems we should actually be saying thank you to Nighttrain for 1973’s ‘Hallo Bimmelbahn’ instead. WHO KNEW?


Smash Bang Baby

French DJ Martin Solveig has just released a new video, the first from his brand new, slightly secret, project. It is totally insane but perfect for the current Wimbledon frenzied lifestyle.

Starring the vocals of Dragonette’s Martina, the song is nice enough, but it’s worth watching regardless. The one and only Bob Sinclar stars as Martin’s opponent in a tennis match where the players seeds are determined by their DJ Mag rankings and real life tennis man Nocak Djokovic does a comedy turn.

Fingers crossed for a Solveig vs Gaga rematch soon.


New from Xenomania – Florrie

It’s no secret that I like a girl in a band. I like it even more if they’re the only girl, and even, even, even more if they’re the drummer. Although role of favourite girl drummer in the world falls to Cherisse Osei, there’s a new challenger in the form of Florrie.

Florrie is a songwriter and part of JFK, the in-house band over at Xenomania towers. I saw her perform as the backing band to all the artists at the brilliant Xenofest showcase the production ‘outfit’ held over the summer but now she’s just released her first piece of music via youtube. Complete with a trademark Xenomania style rap and the gorgeous swooshing club beats of a Fred Falke remix, it reveals her to be perhaps an unexpected new pop starlet for this year. That’s if they don’t insist she hands it over to Mini Viva to release instead.

Prepare to make this dreary Wednesday morning feel like Friday night.

[youtube] [/youtube]

p.s. what the hell has happened to Jessie Malakouti, please Xenomania?

Momma’s Place

In my mind I’ve dramatically taken against Roisin Murphy for getting pregnant and having a baby. It just seemed like a weird thing to do at this time, but whatevs. Who cares when it’s made her throw out this banging new track. Previous leak ‘Orally Fixated’ was a bit rubbish but this is a full out dancefloor stomp complete with eurorave piano and drums from 1992. It’s so good probably because it’s just a big massive tune, the lyrics might be fancy but sonically it’s not trying to be cold and arty. It just likes going bang, bang, bang. BANG.

Listen on loop for an hour. Cry at being unable to scrobble it.


Cicada – Roulette

I have a new obsession. Years ago I used to play the Cicada remix of Editors’ Munich at Popstarz. It made the track epic and euphoric while still remaining dark. Then in November I was plugged a record by a band called Cicada. As I get so much music to listen to it didn’t prick my interest and I ignored it, not associating the two. I think I thought why are they called such a stupid name when there is Cascada and for some mad reason that they sounded like a heavy metal band (?!?).

Finally I’ve got round to listening to them just ahead of the release of their second album and I’ve been entirely missing out on something that is so up my street that it could be made just to please me. Electronic music? Check. Scandinavian vocalist? Check. Robots? Check. It’s a winner all round. The band are made up of Alex Payne, Aaron Gilbert and former Gus Gus singer Heidrun Bjornsdottir with Editors’ frontman popping up on the somber ‘Executive’. I’ve interviewed them for Londonist here if you want to know more…

Heidrun often sounds like one of Ladytron, particularly on new single ‘Metropolis’, but has the confident self-assured look of Nina Persson (not physically, just how she holds herself).


Explosive and busting out with fun (just try and not waggle to ‘Psycho Thrills’, it’s fast becoming one of my favourite albums of the year.

Download Cicada – Metropolis (The Twelves’ B-LIVE Rio Mix)