La Di Da Di Daaaa

Carly Simon’s ‘Why’ is a proper, proper tune. Written by Nile Rodgers no less, Carly released it to celebrate my birth in 1982 to little effect in the States. Here in the UK though we loved her new strutting abilities, got on board with the disco and took it top 10. I’m going to try this walk out on Oxford Street next week.


After a bit of, looking back, bloody amazing ‘you say Glamma, I say Kid’ action in the 1990s, it hit #10 again, and now 11 years later it’s back in the form of ‘Don’t Know Why’ by new Mercury girlgroup Soundgirl.


Commercial radio is all over this song, and rightly so – it’s a shame it doesn’t look like the BBC are going to follow. Three school friends, the girls are 14, 17 and 18 I think and look like a really convincing, colourful, new girlgroup – a far cry away from the overstyling of Parade. Another absolute sound of summer 2011 for me.

As one YouTube commenter said: My speakers dont go loud´╗┐ enough!!!

The Garden

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs certainly have their google technique nailed with that name. This is the video for their new, totally huge sounding, single ‘Garden’.

Louise of jaunty folksters Lulu & the Lampshades probably makes music I’d never listen to but sounds great here as the female vocalist. Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs is though just one man – the brilliantly named Orlando Higginbottom – who I’m told does ridiculously fantastic things live.

It totally rips of this though, no?