Sway – Level Up


There is nothing subtle or charming about this new release from Sway. Once the darling of UK hip hop after winning a MOBO whilst unsigned, Sway’s never quite made it into the average teenagers home. Late last year he began to change that with the release of the ‘Ride on Time’ sampling  ‘Still Speedin’ and he continues it with the absolute earworm ‘Level Up.’ Produced by Flux Pavillion, it slots perfectly into today’s radio playlists and should surely hit the charts upon it’s April release. Either way, I’m a bit obsessed with it.

I cannot however support the Alan Sugar line, but I guess we have to be grateful that at least he doesn’t drop in a females / emails line.



Obviously everyone bleated on about this last week. I’m late, and I don’t really care about the video. It’s the sleeve (and the song) that does it for me. But seriously, sleeve design of the year? of the decade? OF LIFE?

I can’t believe this is on AATW. That little Northern house label in Blackburn I once applied for work experience at. Amazing? Huge big ups to AATW for their continual growth.

Let’s thank the mighty Boney M for the hard work though, yeah? I’m not sure they had enough dry ice.


EDIT: Actually, it seems we should actually be saying thank you to Nighttrain for 1973’s ‘Hallo Bimmelbahn’ instead. WHO KNEW?