I tell a bit fat lie

My reviews did get used for CD:UK, I just didn’t notice!   They just got amalgamated into one big monster instead of individual ones.  Also the Go! Team and LCD Soundsystem bits on the review were written by James.


In other news I’m interviewing Jamie Cullum in the morning.  I’m doing this last minute for someone else who can’t go, and to be honest know very little about the guy apart from the fact that he’s vaguely cute and covered Everlasting Love for the 2nd Bridget Jones diary.  Help!


The below reviews were written for the CD:UK website but didn’t end up being used as they eventually didn’t do a Reading review section.

Watch out for my review of Kaiser Chiefs at Ibiza Rocks going up there later in the week.

Reading 2005 : Mylo in the Dance Tent

MyloNot since the transformation
of Norman Cook into Fatboy Slim back in 1997 has one man been heralded so much
as the saviour of dance music. And
Mylo is certainly living up to his name, with his crossover appeal for dance,
indie and pop fans becoming more encompassing by the day.

Making the dance tent fuller
than it had probably been all festival, the atmosphere was absolutely
electric. With 2 large screens
featuring Mylo’s video projections, strobes, and fantastic lighting displays,
this was the perfect festival closer for some. While some may scoff at the necessity of seeing a dance act play their
set live – after all he could just put his cd on and it would sound the same –
it was the audience that made this so spectacular. The building tension leading up to the
breakdown in Drop the Pressure was nearly unbearable and once unleashed your
oh so serious rock fans could be found dancing with the best of the pop kids.

Reading 2005 : Maximo Park in the Radio 1 / NME Tent

MaximoArriving in the NME/Radio 1
tent to a much smaller crowd than deserved, Maximo Park are determined to let
us know exactly who they are with a giant logo emblazoned at the back of the
stage. Frontman Paul Smith’s confidence
built up by a summer of touring, is apparnant, and he was completely at home on
stage, generally acting a bit more able to talk than your average lead singer.

Set wise they pounded tracks
from A Certain Trigger with admirable zest and poise. Although not having quite reached the success
of their peers, the
Kaiser Chiefs (sorely missed
on the bill by the way), their fan dedication is apparnant, with fans young and
old singing along to each song. 2nd
single Graffiti ups the tempo for the second half of the set and leads to
Smith scissor kicking across the stage, such is his excitement. Nothing can quite beat, however, the feeling
when debut single Apply Some Pressure is played. More of this please – we’ll watch how Maximo
grow with interest.

Reading 2005 : Ladytron in the Carling Tent

Ladytron01_2Up against the Pixies and
festival darlings
Kasabian it was always going
to be difficult for Ladytron to get the audience they deserved in the Carling
Tent. On the cusp of releasing 3rd
album, Witching Hour, this set proved that this bizarre mix of
Europe and Liverpool still has
mileage and they deserve more success than they seem to achieve.

Darting wildly between
albums, the slick black haired 4 piece manage to combine their cool
sophisticated look with songs rooted in darkness. Debut single He Took Her to a Movie is met
with ecstasy as the crowd softly dance around to the clinical beats. Live favourite Playgirl continues the
aloof mystique and the dancefloor gets more and more animated as they steadily
build up the intensity until reaching the pounding dance beats of climatic new
single Destroy Everything You Touch.

However cold and clinical
Ladytron may be on stage there is something so compelling and unsettling about
them and their music that it somehow feels strangely right.

Reading 2005 : Charlotte Hatherley in the Carling Tent

ChazWith a sexy new haircut, a movie director boyfriend and 2004’s most
underated album under her belt, there is no denying Charlotte Hatherley’s continuing
position as the sexiest woman in rock. Taking to the Carling Tent for the first time without the comfort of her
fellow bandmates from Ash, this was a note perfect, polished performance to a
surprisingly sizable and welcoming audience. Joined by her band, and cute girl trio of backing singers, tracks such
as the irresistable
Kim Wilde and surf guitarry Summer sounded as fun and energetic as on record. Stand out single Bastardo was met with a cheer, and even the rockiest
Ash fan, disapproving of their princess’ new pop path, could hardily fail but
bounce and sing along. Added treats for
the fans came in two forms. First,
having sung a song about her,
Charlotte launched into a
fun, punky version of Wilde’s most famous hit
Kids In
. And then fresh from success on
the main stage earlier that day, Graham Coxon joined
Charlotte on stage for a
Britpop guitarists love-in with a rendition of Stop.


Up against the Pixies on the bill, Charlotte did well by managing to keep the audience in her tent. We can only hope that when booking next year, it’s Charlotte by herself, not Ash, that return to the Main Stage.


Some girls

Each of these popstars made some songs which I think stand out in the whirlwind called popmusic.

And in every case, it’s all about the 2nd album.

2000 – Billie ‘could have been bigger than Britney’ Piper gave us the amazing Something Deep Inside & brilliant Day and Night.

2003 – Bitchy Holly flopped hugely with ‘State of Mind’ containly the brilliant title track and a whole album full of 80s fulled electro pop.

2005 – After the horrid failure of album number 1, and well just no one being excited about her, Rachel is on the verge of releasing ‘Come and Get It’. Her last 4 singles have been unfailingly brilliant and the songs deserve much greater success that they’ve ever got.

Lucky Lucky Lucky!

Ah a week ago now, but I’ve been off having fun on a beautiful island.

This misshapes saw me on my tod as J was ill in bed.  I was also ill – it was all a bit delirious.

Early Set

Black Box Recorder – Facts of Life
Blur – Coffee & TV
Ladytron – He took her to a movie
Kraftwerk – The Model
VHS or Beta – Night on Fire
Clor – Love + Pain
Garbage – Special
Ash – Life Less Ordinary
Beck – Devil’s Haircut
Charlotte Hatherley – Summer
Kenickie – Come Out Tonight
Fischerspooner – Happy
Razorlight – Rip it up
Holly Valance – State of Mind
Goldfrapp – Satin Chic
LCD Soundsysterm – Tribulations
Chemical Brothers – Golden Path ft The Flaming Lips
Soulwax – E Talking

Late Set

Oceanic – Insanity
Alter Ego – Rocker
Gwen Stefani – Hollaback Girl
Basement Jaxx – Plug it in feat JC Chasez
Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Date with the night
Le Tigre – Deceptacon
David Bowie – Let’s Dance
Kinks – You Really Got Me
Girls Aloud – Love Machine
Blondie – Maria
Whitney Houston – Queen of the Night
Dandys – Bohemian Like You
White Stripes – My Doorbell
Pixies – Debaser
Buzzcocks – Ever Fallen In Love
The Vapors – Turning Japanese
Menswear – Daydreamer
Lush – Single Girl
Garbage – Cherry Lips
Placebo – Every Me & Every You
Cardigans – My Favourite Game
Skunk Anansie – Twisted
Electric 6 – Gaybar
Blur – Country House
Beck – Sexx Laws
The Clash – Rock The Casbah
Oasis – She’s Electric