Solange is back!

I would like to twirl round and round and round to this in a Horsemeat Disco-esque environment. Written by Solange and Dev Hynes (!!), it’s the first single from her forthcoming third album something 1989 Madonna would have loved a slice of.


Arthur Beatrice

Arthur Beatrice

Orlando, Ella, Hamish and Elliot sound like the poshest line-up to a band ever. They are Arthur Beatrice – a little XX, a little Wild Beasts, a little all over the place (in a lovely way) but most importantly, are they named after a Golden Girl??

This is their most recent AA release ‘Charity’/ ‘Not Without Thinking’. I love the pureness of Ella’s voice and the combination of wallowing, dark lyrics with some sprightly choruses. Neat.

Rizzle Kicks – Dreamers

Rizzle Kicks are undoubtedly the breakthrough act of the last 12 months of UK music and I hope they get rewarded for it when it comes to Brits time.

This isn’t an official single, but the boys have teamed up with an amazing line-up of Pharoahe Monch, Hines, Professor Green, Ed Sheeran, Foreign Beggars Fam & Chali 2NA for the ‘epic’ remix of their charming ‘Dreamers’.

The Platters – Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

This week I was lucky enough to spend some time with Mitch Winehouse, Amy’s Dad. Mitch is promoting his book Amy: My Daughter and Monday is the year anniversary of Amy’s passing. I spent most of Tuesday afternoon with him as we picked songs that Amy loved and recorded a radio show full of wonderful stories about them and the Amy Mitch knew. It’s broadcast on heat radio on Monday night at 8pm and will be repeated the following Sunday at 10am. It’ll make you laugh, and maybe make you cry, but it certainly makes clear that the pair had a brilliant father / daughter relationship – and also that Mitch is a fabulous storyteller. He should have more broadcasting in his future.

One of the songs Mitch chose is by 50s ‘boyband’ The Platters who Mitch described as ‘The One Direction of their day.’ Originally written for a 30s musical ‘Roberta’, it’s had versions done by all the great and the good from Vic Damone to Piaf to Dinah Washington to a terrible 70s version by Bryan Ferry – yet I’ve never heard it before. I absolutely love it when I discover an old song that’s new to me, no matter how famous it might be, particularly one that’s so intensely amazing that you forget to breathe for a second, and this is just that – it hasn’t been off since.  From the opening bars the tender lush sounds wash over you and it’s simply the audio equivalent of being twirled round a dancefloor while staring into the eyes of the one you love. Utterly, utterly beautiful.


Arianna Grande – Put Your Hands Up

Arianna Grande is one of those overachieving American children who has their own TV show by 12 and a host of music under her belt by 16. She’s been on Broadway but this was her debut single in US last year. I can’t tell if it’s the worst thing I’ve ever heard, or if it’s amazing.


Yes, it’s centered around a sample from 4 Non Blondes – What’s Up, but Put Your Hands Up is written by Ms Non Blonde herself, Linda Perry. I particularly like the way Arianna slips into a Caribbean accent occasionally.

It’s better if you don’t watch the video. It will make you hate her / it / the world.

Icona Pop – I Love It

I AM SO DRUNK. LOLZ!!!!!!!!!! is basically the sentiment of this song. Someone alert Ke$ha she has a new shots partner.


It’s so, so Miss-Shapes (my old lesbian Thursday night party at Ghetto) that it aches that the night doesn’t exist anymore. And it’s much noisier than their most awesome song so far, the mighty Manners.

Logic – We Get High

If I could use words like dope, I’d use it on this


with major thanks to this slice of dreaminess from Michael Franks