The Jewish side of my family is tiny – there’s only really me and my grandad (although I did excitingly meet some cousins for the first time on Friday) so I’ve actually never experienced a Friday Night Dinner. I think I went to one or two at JSoc at Warwick, but they were a bit weird. Still I’m really looking forward to this new sitcom from Robert Popper airing on Channel 4 early next year. Greig! Bird! Rosenthal!!

Friday Night Dinner is all about a family – the Goodman family – starring Tamsin Greig (Green Wing, Black Books), Simon Bird (The Inbetweeners), Paul Ritter (Norman Conquests, Puling) and Tom Rosenthal.

Each episode takes place over the course of a Friday night, as twenty-something brothers Adam (Simon Bird) and Jonny (Tom Rosenthal) go round to their parent’s house for Friday night dinner.

Many Jewish families – who aren’t even remotely religious – have dinner together on Friday nights. It’s a time for food, family and general bickering. This is Friday night dinner. Sometimes candles are lit. Think Sunday lunch. Then take two days away, and move up one in the meal scale, and that’s the setting.



This cute disco track almost makes the fact that I am going to Bowlie 2 and missing one of the greatest weekends ever in London acceptable.

The greatest weekend includes at least:

  • The Human League at Royal Festival Hall
  • Paloma Faith doing something mad at the Barbican
  • Boring 10

Anyone near Weston Super Mare with a TV better watch out.


Tonight I went along to the playback party for Rihanna’s new album LOUD at swanky, slightly out of date, London restaurant Sketch. It’s a dramatic turn from the moody, darkness of Rated R putting Ri-Ri firmly back on the dancefloor. Most excitingly, Rihanna herself was there introducing each of the five songs we heard and thanking us for coming to listen to her ‘silly music’. We had to check our phones so immediate tweeting was out and some of the names of tracks are possibly wrong Or I’m correct and the rest of pop blogosphere is wrong, obv.

We heard:

1. Only Girl in the World: single 1 and we’ve already got a dance routine which I attempted to shake my way through at the back of the room. Rihanna said that she felt the vocals in this song really pushed her and in order to get it right she waited until she had a 3 day rest in her schedule so she could rest her voice and bang it out.

2. What’s My Name: single 2 will appear on the album with a featuring credit from Drake but we heard the solo track tonight. Lots of mentions of ‘Hey boy… I need a boy…’ etc with some banging, banging steel drumming.

3. S&M: We’ve already seen Rihanna wrapped in chains so for this song she told us to expect a video that didn’t suit the lyrics and called the song itself sassy, in your face and baddass. It’s also the song that most represents being LOUD! It opens with lots of shouts of ‘NA NA COME ON’, ‘NA NA COME ON’ and goes on with lyrics like ‘There’s sex in the air… I may be bad but I’m perfectly good’ and the excellent ‘sticks and stones may break my bones, but whips and chains excite me.’ It’s a massive dancefloor banger with huge, huge beats that would remind you most of Please Don’t Stop The Music.

4. (Drink to that) Cheers: ‘For all the semi-alcoholics in the world’ was how Rihanna introduced this heavy, grinding track that felt like it had a bit more of a mission that then other very party tracks. Slinky and dramatic it samples Avril Lavigne’s ‘I’m With You’

5. California Kingdom: This could be called California King Bed instead. This was the guitary ballad of the night and seemed nice enough but was certainly no ‘Take A Bow’ lyrically. It did however sounds like NeYo might have a hand in it somewhere.

Other things we learnt include

  • Rihanna likes to drink Jameson and ginger, have wine with meals and ‘hit the liquor’ if a club is playing bad music.
  • Her success completely change the way radio worked back in Barbados. Previously it was either very ballad, or very hip hop / reggae / rnb but now the island has been introduced to top 40 music and opened up many different channels.
  • She stated her annoyance with an album that you have to skip tracks or pick favourites out of. The plan for ‘Loud’ is that it makes you want to ‘press play’. Tell us about it love.
  • The album also contains a collab with Nicki Minaj. Everyone else seems to think it’s called ‘Raining Men’. I however heard ‘Uranium Man’. I think we know which would be better.


A few years ago sister duo The Pierces released their third album ‘Thirteen Tales of Love and Revenge.’ It was cold, chilly and full of murderous intentions. Unfortunately only about 7 other people seemed to have heard it when I saw them perform a dingy little gig at the 12 Bar in London back in 2007.

Since then they appeared on Gossip Girl, and ‘Secret’ is currently being used in the (awful) title sequence to trashy, yet amazing spooky US teen drama ‘Pretty Little Liars’. Most inexplicably though, they’ve been signed to Polydor in the UK. I mean I love them, but it seems totally random. They’re in the UK at the moment and play London on 12th October, before heading up to In The City and then returning in December to support Lissie in what will be an extremely all American, Fleetwood Mac, sounding show. I reviewed them last time for hit40uk but my review has vanished offline with the show. As far as I can remember, we spent the whole show on edge unsure if they were about to snog or stab each other. Well worth an evening out.

Here’s the video for ‘Love You More’, produced by Guy from Coldplay (the hot one) which comes out as part of an EP on October 25.



This is Miss Ruby Goe. It is fair to say she is quite fierce.


When I first heard of Ruby I thought she was a cutsy pop star working with Xenomania pumping out FRANK style ditties. That would be AWESOME and must be at least in some part true unless “Built This House” has been ditched.

Whether it has or not though, her debut single ‘Beat Breaking Boy’ lifts Ruby straight into a whole new ballpark entirely and will have specialist radio wetting themselves. Those wobbly glitchy basslines are big enough already but imagine a huge drop on a remix in a club! Blow the speakers off overload.

A huge, very exciting new British talent.



Obviously everyone bleated on about this last week. I’m late, and I don’t really care about the video. It’s the sleeve (and the song) that does it for me. But seriously, sleeve design of the year? of the decade? OF LIFE?

I can’t believe this is on AATW. That little Northern house label in Blackburn I once applied for work experience at. Amazing? Huge big ups to AATW for their continual growth.

Let’s thank the mighty Boney M for the hard work though, yeah? I’m not sure they had enough dry ice.


EDIT: Actually, it seems we should actually be saying thank you to Nighttrain for 1973’s ‘Hallo Bimmelbahn’ instead. WHO KNEW?




In a world where Leona Lewis and Pixie Lott appear to be our biggest pop stars, it’s a joy to listen to someone who sounds quite menacing. Meet Hannah Yadi, or just YADI to give her her ‘stage name’. Touring with Marina and the Diamonds later this year, Yari is a 23 year singer who up until a couple of months ago was part of Annie Mac tipped duo (and very Jewishly named) Hella Cholla.

Here she was then sounding quite chirpy.


And here’s her new solo sound on buzz track ‘Guillotine.’ Vocally she has an ice-queen confident swagger about her as she sings

“I don’t need blue blood running through my blood,
because like a queen I can make you say you love me.”

Couple this with a spooky, menacing drumbeat and an eerie piano line and I think you’ve got a hit that when produced up could sound massive.


Yadi signed to Warner Bros at the end of August so expect her in 2011. In the meantime there’s more on her myspace.

Love and Other Drugs


I rarely talk about films here. There was once a time where I probably went through a couple of years without going to the cinema much. Then in the last year thanks to a combination of a housemate who works at the BFI and the excellent purchasing of a Cineworld Unlimited card I’ve been banging my way through old and new films non-stop.

Things I have learnt through recent cinema going include
(i) Everything at the BFI starts late. If you enter after a film has started, OAPs shout at you.
(ii) ‘The Town’ is very good
(iii) The Trocadero is even worse than you remember
(iv) ‘A Woman of No Importance’ is the most intense weepie ever. I cried so hard I nearly threw up.
(v) I can give very detailed reviews of every Cineworld in North London.

In forthcoming cinema news I’m looking forward to Gyllenhaal / Hathaway double-header ‘Love and Other Drugs’. It looks good or nauseating, depending on if you’re a girl or a boy.

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