Brisbane based brother and sister band Sheppard are about to launch in the UK with this brilliant debut single ‘Geronimo’ described by Lucien Grange as a ‘universal #1 waiting to happen.’

Amy (blue hair) and George (male singer) lead the group, but when I saw them last week they turned out to be a bit of a muddle. On one hand you’ve got some perky, cheesy pop like Geronimo, and then suddenly when Amy sings you’ve got a polished shiny, Katy Perry style popstar, blasting out some almost musical theatre numbers. Still they’re off to a good start – they’ve been signed up for management by Bieber / Rixton guru Scooter Braun, and signed in the UK to Decca. The latter is slightly weird because they’re a label that tend to focus on the classical, or much older Radio 2 vibe. Of course, overall it comes through Universal, but putting them on Decca certainly seems odd.

Also I liked them much more before I found out three of them were siblings. I know we have the incredible Haim now and that should solve those fears, BUT IT DOESN’T. I think there may be some crazy happy clappy Christianity going on behind closed doors (see : Bedingfields). Irrational.

Geronimo is out in the UK Sept 25.

If I Could Change Your Mind

I’m seeing Haim tomorrow night at Brixton Academy and am so excited. Their debut album fast became my favourite from 2013 and their last London show at The Forum was pretty spectactular. Interestingly the crowd was very 30 something couples, not the Radio 1 audience I’d have originally predicted.

Anyway, despite it not being best song on the album ‘Days Are Gone’, their next single ‘If I Could Change Your Mind’ is a joy, thanks in no small party to the totally jubilant video. Their videos have always had a sense of fun, and US teen movie to them, but this one puts the girls themselves central with a dance routine choregraphed by Aaliyah’s team. Amazing.

Ghetto Returns

The incredible nightclub Ghetto is back in London tomorrow night for one night only. Run by Simon Hobart, Ghetto was based on the smelly Falconberg Court and sadly closed due to CrossRail Development. Open 7 days a week it was my favourite place to both party and dj at. I used to DJ there every Thursday at Miss-Shapes and occasionally also on a Monday night.


Tomorrow it’s back for a special reunion party at 12 Bar on Denmark Street. I’m DJing from 1 – 3am. COME!

Neon Jungle

At last, the next great girl band is here. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting these girls a few times over the last couple of months since they played our gig Future Hits Live in Newcastle UT in May. Jess, Amira, Asami and Shereen are a glorious combination of styles and voices and they’re as feisty, fun, engaging and energetic as their incredible debut single TROUBLE.


Written by Fear of Tigers and Anita Blay (CocknBullKid) it’s a no messing about launch to the world. It’s not a buzz single, this is it. And it’s awesome. It’s almost like it’s perfectly designed for me. I just wish Miss-Shapes still existed so I could belt it at the peak of the night making everyone go nuts in sweaty ghetto.

People bang on about this band or that band being the new Spice Girls, but I’ve never felt the vibe as strongly as I do in this video. It’s so exciting. I’ve heard a couple more songs and Trouble isn’t even the most mental. Welcome to the jungle.


A big voice, lovely hair, well groomed eyebrows and a pop star moniker – we approve of Foxes. Echo is her first single since signing to new Sony imprint ‘Sign of the Times’ earlier in the year. It’s not quite as good as the last one ‘White Coat’ but the booming chorus will certainly sound nice on the radio.

Out November 11, perfectly positioning her in the minds of Sound of 2013 voters. Snooze.

Logic – We Get High

If I could use words like dope, I’d use it on this


with major thanks to this slice of dreaminess from Michael Franks


Benga – Icon

Columbia Records are very excited about their new signing, singer songwriter, Bebe Black, but for now they’re staying pretty quiet about her. She’s had a very small amount of online coverage so far thanks to an online stream of a song called ‘I’ll Wait’ but I have no idea what type of artist she is, her background or what her plan is. Her first big exposure comes courtesy of Benga and a song from his new album Chapter 2 called Icon on which she sounds a little like Sia. Benga is of course one of Magnetic Man and producer behind the awesome Katy on a Mission (which you can hear echoes of on Icon.)


Out 3rd June

Kanye reversioned by Cello

Kanye’s All of The Lights is going to take some beating in end of the year lists come December. Not only is it a brilliant pop song but the featured list reads like a Grammys megamix. I’ve just listened to it 6 times in a row trying to spot everyone but it amazingly features Rihanna, Fergie, Alicia Keys, John Legend, The-Dream, Fergie, Alicia Keys, Elton John, Elly Jackson, Charlie Wilson, Tony Williams, Kid Cudi and Ryan Leslie.

The video is due next week but in the meantime I’ve just watched this performance of the song by the Portland Cello Project. As you can see from their repertoire they’re an orchestra who don’t just play traditional classical music. There’s even some Bon Jovi and The Super Mario Bros Theme Song in there. This performance of ‘All of the Lights’ is awesome but I don’t think they quite nail it as much as the Vitamin String Quartet doing Rebellion (Lies).


Template drama

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If anyone knows how on earth I get rid of a) the categories along the top or b) the word bueno that would be much appreciated.