Eurovision 2009


Some people are scarily obsessed with Eurovision. To my friends, I probably seem the obsessed one, but in my case it’s only mild. However, in 2006, thanks to a couple of press passes and a why not attitude, my friend Darren and I went off to Helsinki to check the contest out. It was amazing. Finland was so excited to be hosting the contest and everyone but the UK seemed to be taking it deadly seriously. Of course, we sent Scooch, and fully deserved the bottom two placing we got.

Last year, I became Lucio’s official Eurovision ‘correspondent’ on Capital FM in London and had great fun engaging London in the contest. We discussed who the UK should represent, were horrified when the decision was made and then took to deciding which country London should vote for. We went for Ukraine’s strut-tastic Shady Lady and Ani Lorak even dropped in for a chat.

So this year, we’re claiming to take it a bit more seriously, mainly by getting the bizarrely endearing should be couple of Graham Norton and Andrew Lloyd Webber involved. ‘Your Country Needs You’ replaces ‘Making Your Mind Up’ and started on BBC1 last night. At times it was spit at your drink funny but we didn’t seem to take the advice of Europe with the idea that we need to send an actual professional performer. Although Jade will certainly satisfy Adrian’s strutting criteria, surely her failure to make it so far, despite being signed twice must be an indication. The twins are frankly annoying and already failed at X Factor this year and Emperors of Soul were pointless. Solo men traditionally don’t do very well, so despite Damien and Mark seeming the most professional, I’m not sure they’ll win. That leaves the slightly lacklustre Charlotte. Not a brilliant selection – but in reality it’s more about the song. If Webby can pull together a fabulous ballad, then we’ll be in with a chance.

I’m vaguely tempted to go again this year, just because I really want to go to Moscow anyway and it’s a good excuse. I shall ponder.

Sing it girl!


Making plans on a Saturday night for the last six months have been hell. While in previous years it didn’t really matter if you missed an episode or so of X Factor, this time round there was no way we were missing a single moment of Cheryl Cole time.

Two superstars were born this series. Alexandra and Cheryl. From the very first episode, Cheryl dazzled and proved that she really did have “the most beautiful eyes” Pete Waterman spotted all those years ago.  Honestly – is there anything more beautiful than Cheryl’s tear stained face? Despite the horrifying news that Eoghan won 6 shows (seriously!), it was always about the girls. From amazing Laura’s sudden defeat, Rachel’s transformation from brilliant auditionee to live train wreck, Diana’s claw, and Ruth’s rocking out to Alexandra’s win, the boys never stood a chance.

I’m so delighted Alexandra won and wow, what a show.  The duet with Beyonce was jaw-dropping, not only for managing to get her to perform, but watching Alex near collapse on her idol and the diva tastic hair flicking song itself. ‘Listen’ is my favourite Beyonce song and it’s impossible to watch this duet without feeling gleeful at Alexandra’s excitement and astonishment.


As well as a great result, the last two weeks of X Factor have also provided some comedy gold. Who could forget Eoghan’s song crashing as Diana left and as for this week? Well Alexandra snatching the winner’s CD off Dermot was funny enough for me, but also why was Mark from Westlife singing with severe and anger and don’t forget the very odd ‘Merry Christmas’ from one of JLS. Plus Cheryl herself made a bit of a boo boo in the press conference (flick to 1.28).

‘Hallejulah’ is breaking all sorts of chart records as we speak. I know it’s a bit of a gut wrenchingly music purist tune to cover, but despite the swelling key change I love it. It’s the first winners song I’ve ever bought.

Dirty Diegos

In a brilliant moment of pop / tv crossover, Fascination Records (home of GA & The Saturdays) have signed up Hollyoaks very own band, the Dirty Diegos to release a single at the end of November. Now I love Hollyoaks and love Fascination, so to me this is hilarious but brilliant news.

They’re treating them totally in character and the promo cd reads, “The Dirty Diegos are a local band from the Chester suburbs. They met at Hollyoaks High where they are all currently studying. The band first started life as the baby Diegos with Amy as the lead vocalist but she stepped down when she gave birth to Leah. etc etc” Brilliant.

Of course, you would expect the song to be properly rubbish. But it’s not. Instead it’s a fierce 2.36 of Michaela McQueen actually on vocals sounding pretty hot. It’s originally a song by Dimestars, a short lived band in the early 2000s fronted by Roxanne Wilde (sister of Kim) and featuring Morgan who’s now in DoesIt Offend You Yeah. It’s snarly, snazzy and I’d be able to play it pretty much immediately main set at Popstarz and get people dancing with them having no idea what it is. Just listen to that middle eight.

Fascination are, however, RUBBISH because they won’t let me embed the video. I don’t understand when people do that on youtube, so lose your prejudices and go watch it here. The single is out on November 24.

Here’s the original:


You Know You Love Me



Buffy is dead. Angel is dead. Veronica is dead. At the start of this US season I was determined to find myself a new favourite television show and I’ve managed it hook, line and sinker. In just 9 episodes, the CW’s (boo!) Gossip Girl has become possibly my favourite show ever. Based on a series of teen books by Cecily von Ziegesar that I don’t think ever made it to the UK, the show has the same feel as the amazing Cruel Intentions.

For some reason I never watched the OC but some people are comparing it to that, but who knows if that’s right. What I can tell you is that it’s sexy, funny, devious, and if you’re one of those people whose heart is crushed every time she thinks of the US visa laws, this is one of those shows that just makes you want to move to New York tomorrow. Revolving around the lives of the rich Upper East Siders, the gorgeous Blair and Serena take centre stage in a world little miss anonymous Gossip Girl really wants to keep us updated on. Kirstin Bell herself is Gossip Girl, a role which never appears on camera but just narrates. It’s odd at first but it works.

I don’t want to spoil it, I don’t want to say anymore. Just find a way to watch it, it’s all types of brilliant.

You know you’ll love it. xoxo.

For Gods sake

Can everyone STOP with the Doctor Who spoilers please? Every surprise, every twist, EVERYTHING, is being ruined. The worst offender is the bloody radio times who spoilt the last two episodes of season 2 with their damn front page.

Today it’s reported that the lovely, on my eligable celebrity boyfriends list, John Simm, will star in the series soon. I will not go any further because I do not want to spoil for anyone who manages to avoid the damn things. This is good because he is ace but bad because I totally had him down for the eleventh doctor. BOO HOO.

I’m running out of television

I rarely watch television shows I really love live these days. The obvious exception is Torchwood as I’m rarely out on a Sunday evening and it is a nice finish to the weekend; and X-Factor as it’s (moderately) fun before partying on Saturdays.

Last week I finished watching downloads of Hotel Babylon. I didn’t really know much about the show but was aware of the book on which it was based. But it was perfect TV viewing. Tamzin Outwaite and Max Beesley were great leads and the whole thing was very glossy and perfectly conjured up the images of 5* hotels. Plus having Craig Kelly on screen is never a bad thing. Plus on the go I have Love Film sending me DVDs of Shakespeare and Chaucer Retold as anything with Billie or Sarah Parish in it is good right?

So what to watch now? I’m currently enjoying season 3 of best show evah Veronica Mars (ok possibly 2nd to Angel, I can’t decide) and looking forward to the second series of Life On Mars. Plus someone has recommended Bones and the first episode of Jam and Jerusalem was alright. But other than that I’m pretty lost. Can you help?

Shows I like: Angel, Veronica Mars, (new) Doctor Who, Buffy, Torchwood, Life On Mars, Hotel Babylon, Blackpool, Casanova, Peep Show, *cough* Hollyoaks *cough*, Beauty and The Geek (USA s1), Ally McBeal (s1-3), Frasier, Lead Balloon, Red Dwarf, anything involving Gordon Ramsay, X-Files, SatC, Allo Allo, Goodnight Sweetheart, The Brittas Empire (i’m not sure i’d like these last three now i’m not 13 though), Dead Like Me, 3rd Rock from the Sun,  Eerie Indiana, Spooks (s1-2). OK I’m rambling now. 

Shows that have passed me by with little interest: Lost, Desperate Housewives, Dawson’s Creek, The OC (I’ve never watched this, but probably should have – too late now), 24, Party of Five, anything involving fake alien faces

Shows I think I should try: Firefly, Ugly Betty, Alias

So any ideas? I think things like The Wire would be a bit too intense and I don’t think I can handle trying to catch up on a decade of The West Wing or Sopranos. Should I watch The L Word, QaF USA, Nip/Tuck, Charmed, Smallville or will these be too hard to catch up to date on? What’s the new Matthew Perry show like? Why is Eamonn Holmes presenting a show in America? I’ll watch more of How I Met Your Mother if it happens to be on, but what’s Till Death like? What about Heroes?

Please help me people of the world, especially you, Jack, Graham and Sizemore. Merci

I Just Want to Make Totally Sure…

… that despite X Factor getting more boring by the week, we are all behind Eton Road to win.

The twinkles in their eyes, the flirty looks, the otherwordly spirit
of Anthony that not even Louis Walsh will ever be able to tame.

Not only is Anthony ripe for a love mauling if he ever sets foot in
Ghetto, but can you really turn down a man who says he wants to win
because he’d "love to buy a chihuahua for company" and unashamably says
his favourite artist is Will Young?

No. Vote Eton Road!

In similar news last weekend (Swing week) we were fortunate enough to get a couple of hospitality tickets to see X Factor be filmed. I’d applied for tickets for the show in the past but now I’ve learnt people started showing up at 10am I won’t try again – once was enough. There was lots of standing up, lots of out of tune clapping, the audience all swaying in different directions etc, but Tony Bennett and Sinitta both said hello to us which is, er, enough.