Dim-T : A basic review

Dim T – Oriental Food – Charlotte Street, W1.

On Good Friday evening at about 9pm we headed to Charlotte Street in
search of some food.  We normally eat at the La Perla (Mexican) or on
occasion Chez Gerard and thought we would probably end up in one of
those.  However due to our taxi dropping us slightly higher up the
road, the first restaurant we came across was Dim-T, specialising not
so suprisingly in Dim Sum and East Asian food.  The outside is silver
with pink writing and it looked nice and busy, so we ventured in.

Inside is nice and relaxing looking, with long couches and cushions
against the walls, generally creating a very warm and relaxing
atmosphere.  The music was first loungey jazz and then Dido’s No Angel
album all adding to the stylishly casual mood.   

This was the first time I had tried Dim Sum since being a child so was
unsure what to expect.  We selected the dim sum selection which let us
choose to be given 6 Chicken, Seafood, Vegetarian or Meat dumplings. 
We went for chicken.  After about 5 minutes, they arrived in a basket
(the same type you get pancakes with duck in) and looked very much like
alien embryos!  But we were not put off.   We were given 2 of 3
different varieties and they were all very tasty.   I even managed to
eat the spicy one, although I normally hate even slightly spicy food.
And throughout the whole meal I used chopsticks for the first time.
Normally I just can’t do it and give up straight away but chopstick
ability now goes straight onto my cv 🙂

Onto the main course, I went for the same Crispy Aromatic Duck and got
more than enough for a bargainous £8.   J had a noodle stirfry.  For
about £7 you could pick your meat (or not), the type of rice, and the
toppings you wished from about 5 or 6 options, with something for

So all in all Dim-T was an unexpected bonus to the evening.  It was a
very tasty, relatively cheap meal and has crept into our very favourite
restaurants list.  Now I don’t know how to review food, other than to
say it was yummy, but I thought I would put this here to encourage you
to go if you are ever stuck where to go to eat in W1.