My housemate has made me a bit obsessed with The Barbican (and UNESCO world heritage sites, and Stone Circles, and classic movies etc etc). The awesome Retro To Go often link to a specialist estate agent who look after ‘houses of special design’ and they’ve just posted a new offering at the Barbican itself. The flat brilliantly goes over three floors meaning if you really wanted you could pretty much avoid each other quite well apart from in the common space.

If anyone would like to buy it me for a gift, please leave your details in the comments. Many thanks.

The Decade In Music: 2000


With 10 weeks left until the change of the decade, people who enjoy making lists are beginning to crank out their favourite songs of the naughties and talk about their lives as if someone cares. Thank goodness we can finally put that the horrible ‘naughties’ term away, but what do we call the 2010s? The moody teens?

And so to 2000. In 2000, I turned 18 and started going out to clubs, spent a lot of nights in a then brilliant club called Heaven & Hell, and discovered much more music. I got disillusioned with my gradually crumbling school which eventually shut down as my year left, but not before somehow buggering us all up thanks to sacking various teachers midway through my exams (THANKS, STILL BITTER. MRS HOLDEN 4EVA). My best friends were girls called Joanne and Helen.  Joanne and I stay in touch but as we moved away Helen and I gradually lost touch but I really wish we hadn’t. She was ace. I worked at Index which I LOVED and everyone always laughs at me for being so enthusiastic about it, but seriously a billion times better than sucky Argos. I was also a lot more quiet and geeky at school. Someone recently commented they were glad I had ‘found myself’ which is a bit weird, but I guess true.  This was caused probably by moving down away from the Northwest to the Midlands for uni but didn’t really get to grips with it and found the change hard. The only thing that really kept me going was joining the student radio station and trying to infiltrate the social group there. Of course, doing student radio would go on to give me the most fun ever, some of my best friends (even if some, sadly, only for a short time), a love of all types of music and my career.

These are the songs that define that year to me. There’s quite an obvious split between songs from the Blackpool clubbing experience, and uni tunes.

Listen to them on spotify or see the list after the jump:




Ali Campbell, British reggae’s best loved voice, has joined forces with two of the world’s most distinctive singers on this new single release. Blah blah blah. Shaggy lends his instantly recognizable voice to this fresh interpretation of Tom Jones’ 1971 hit ‘She’s A Lady’.

Are You Bewitched?

Perhaps the windscreens of ‘trendy Stoke Newington’ is not the place to leave this. I am sure all the yummy mummies already have chart readers, life coaches and the like. In any case there are some bold claims in this brilliant advert. Copied as is:

MR KADIM – CLAIRVOYANT – easy terms (what??)

Mr Kadim is the solution for your problem solving, by serious and secrecy work. Quick and honest, I succeed where all others have failed. You will succeed your marriage, you will have a passionate love story, and did you split? You lover will come back to you. Do you want to fall in love? Do you want somebody to fall in love with you? I can do it. I will protect your job; bring back luck into your life; you will succeed your exams and tests. Are you bewitched, I will relieve you. My supernatural powers will solve your problems even from distance by telepathy and extrasensory perception. From clairvoyants’ line of descent, my work is serious and you will notice the results after a week. Speaks French & English

Anyone want his number?

Singing For My Supper

Over the last 10 weeks i’ve been indulging in a bit of singing lesson action. I like Singstar a bit too much so James sent me on a group course at City Academy. It’s been quite fun, but our teacher has put together a really anti Talia set of songs. So he’s been making us sing Angels, Mr Brightside, Wonderwall, Blame It On the Boogie, Faith etc. Maybe it’s just because I am extremely overexposed to these songs but I was hoping for a bit of a mixture with some standards, bit of musical theatre etc rather than full on rock/pop else I would have picked the rock / pop course!

Also we have to sing over the CDs rather than with sheet music which is driving me slightly mental. This is probably bang on what the casual ‘beginner’ student wants for an after work course, but I think it’s rubbish because you can’t see how long the notes or meant to be or yadda yadda yadda. I probably need to find a little old lady with a piano.

Anyway the final two lessons have us doing our own choice of song. I only remembered this 20 minutes before the lesson started so went with Another Suitcase In Another Hall as I know all the words (obsessive listening in 1996) and No Doubt Don’t Speak which I’ve always wanted to sing but decided in the car was way too hard. Next week I can do Another Suitcase again but wondered if anyone had any suggestions for something more exciting?

I am secretly hoping someone goes mental and shows up with ‘Vision of Love’


So Happy New Year one and all. We celebrated it with the busiest Popstarz in it’s 11 year history. I was a little bummed about having to work NYE as we did Popstarz last year, and this time round all our friends were going to the fantastic Unskinny Bop and we wanted to be there too. However, Popstarz absolutely surpassed itself and was amazing good fun, thanks in no small part to a special area Tommy had created for staff and friends filled with gallons of alcohol. Hooray! I also sang Jolene on the special karaoke in the glass bar with Sheila which was pretty ace, despite not really being able to hear the backing track. Kamikaze karaoke starts at Trash Palace on Sundays very soon, maybe even this week.

Anyway today I got the news that my shiny (although now a little dirty) iBook has gone KAPUTT with that old ‘oh your logic board has failed trick’. I came home the other night and instead of being asleep it was off and trying to boot it up resulted in beeps. This seems to mean a ram failure and the genius bar at Apple seemed a bit confused that I hadn’t added any extra ram. They did not seem confused when they told me that fixing it would cost £640. 🙁

So now the dilemma is what to do? I use a PC as my main computer in my room, and my laptop if travelling (so not regularly) and when not in my bedroom. It serves as a great little device for writing/web browsing while watching the TV in the lounge, and I really like being able to do other stuff while sitting in the lounge. I don’t particularly want to spend £700-odd on a new MacBook though. The options seem to be: exist without a laptop, look for a bargain on the refurbished store, just buy one, or go for a dirt cheap PC one that would be perfectly fine but not as pretty and lovely and everything apple-y. Plus if I was spending a lot of money with Apple I’d really want to get an iMac, but that wouldn’t at all help my portability issues. I don’t really understand why my iBook has broken though – should they really just break for no apparant reason after about 2 1/2 years? I am eyeing my housemates suspiciously.

To cheer me up I bought Pokemon rescue for my DS and tomorrow I think I’m going to buy a new digital camera as I handily threw my new very heavy phone at it and smashed my lcd while at Gaz’s flat over Xmas. BOOO HISS.


Golly gosh, my very favourite GCap DJ tagged me a week or so ago with a meme and of course being in the throws of moving house, I’ve had no internet and neglected to read his blog.

OscarNow Be have made me happy and all is right in the world as once again I can waste my life on the internet. If you are thinking of changing your ISP or getting the super high speeds Be can give you then please shout at me for an invite as it will get us both a free month. Hooray.

But now to the meme. Everyone’s done this one but me so far…

It’s that one about 4. See you after the jump if you want to read it…


Karinski.net is currently loving

Gorillaz – Demon Days : Album number 2 for the cartoon dream team, complete with collaborations here there and everywhere. Particularly loving DARE (feat Shaun Ryder) and Fire Coming Out of A Monkey’s Head (feat Bill Murray).

Black Books : Not seen originally on television, I’ve been watching the first series of the Dylan Moran/Bill Bailey comedy over the last few weeks, and I love it. I hated Dylan Moran in Shaun of the Dead (first time I’d come across him) but am now slowly falling in love with Mr Bernard Black. Is that wrong?

Bob Mortimer : Is that wronger? Oh come on, he’s super hot, particularly in the highly underated, fantastic, reworking of Randall & Hopkirk. Mmm i’ve gone all daydreamy 🙂