Busy busy busy

The past 2 weeks have been spent mainly in the company of that lovely genre of people known as estate agents as we hunted for a new house. That is now found and all the stress is gone again. We have a lovely 3rd housemate who I know from uni and will be a most excellent dancing partner. So bring on the housewarming!

Since Xmas and unintentionly(i.e. it wasnt a conscious new year detox reason) I’ve been eating an excessive amount of small orange fruit. Sometimes 10 in 2 hours – I’m a bit worried in case I turn into an orange. And I say ‘small orange fruit’ becuase really, what is the difference between clementines, manderins, and tangerines?? However the world is going detox crazy in a new year stylee at the moment, and BBC Radio 1 have a campaign at the moment all to do with eating heathily and juicing! Maybe I should cut down on my nandos consumption. I know I definately need to get myself a gym membership when I move, and maybe a personal trainer for a bit. Any recommendations?

Talking of the beeb, enough already about Jerry Springer! I’ve been trying to make an effort to really listen again to some good radio shows across a variety of stations recently. One Click:Recordbox on Radio 1 – 3 specialist djs have 20 minutes to introduce you to the essential tracks from their genre – its on on Monday mornings at 4am, or more realistically any time using your friendly BBC Radio Player. Annie Mac’s ‘accessible’ dance & electro show and 6Music’s 6 mix.

Oh and this page has some interesting stuff on it, and a good blog.

And finally can anyone recommend some old Roots Manuva stuff? (I really like the new single). And any idea if the Nouvelle Vague album is worth buying?

Reading : Blogs. I really need to read some books dammit.

Watching : Desperate Housewives (not as good as is being made out). Looking forward to seeing Marti Noxon’s new show on E4 in a couple of weeks.

Listening : right now… Kelis, Beenie Man & T.O.K. – Trick Me Twice from 6music’s The Mix show

Missing A Beat

Well… I haven’t blogged properly since July 2nd – about the same time that I left university. That, I think, has got to change.

I love writing and really need to get my head back around it and start doing something more constructive with my words that using them soley on irc (oh and in real life, but hell who cares about that!)

I’m also trying to explore the wonderful world of blogs much more. MP3 blogs have suddenlyl sprung up all over the place, and the new music I am discovering both through them and my flatmate’s ecletic collection is widening my knowledge and loves muchos.

But I’m not in student radio anymore (really), nor union politics, and im very nearly not 22. So once I get the top image sorted, I daresay karinski might be back. Properly. And yes I know I’ve said this about 10 times, but I mean it dammit!! 🙂

On Hiatus

Well I think I can officially say this blog is on hiatus as I haven’t really written anything since I left uni.

I may be coming back soon if I have the energy and the time.

In the meantime check out some writing I’ve been doing for bbc.co.uk on their music pages. I’m pretty proud of these so don’t laugh 🙂

Review of Brian McFadden’s debut album Irish Son.

Review of Robbie’s Greatest Hits album here.