That Mitchell & Webb Sound

On Wednesday evening, Ricky and I went from work to see That Mitchell & Webb Sound be recorded for Radio 4 at the Drill Hall, London.

A lot of BBC Radio Shows are recorded at this venue, and on this occasion tickets had been gained from the BBC Ticket Department, rather than attempting to cheekily get on any production guestlists (not that Ricky does anything cheeky with his job, oh no!). Although I’d been to see something so unremarkable I can’t remember there without any problems, last time, when I was seeing the Now Show, we only just managed to get in. More tickets than seats are sent out, and basically you have to show up way before doors open at 7.45 in order to get a white sticker which gives you access to the auditiorium. If you get a yellow sticker, you have to wait and see if any white stickers don’t show up before being allowed access.

So … we went to get a sticker straight from work at about 6.40 and then headed back up TCR a little to Eagle Star Diner on Charlotte St, enjoying some fat chips & pancakes. Time was short and we raced back to the Drill Hall, being stopped outside rather bizarrely by Sarah Stone, a friend from school I haven’t spoken to in about 6 years who is studying at RADA (next door to the drill hall). Anyway we got into the venue and they had already let enough yellow people in to fill the auditiorium. Bummer!

They were however recording two shows and some people left between shows meaning that we could sneak in and enjoy it. Hurrah. Ricky got a bit annoyed at me for drawing swastika’s all over anything i could find while we were waiting though. What? They are just fun to draw! Especially on 6 year old boy’s foreheads (a boy in a paper, not a real one. Jeez.)

If you don’t know, Mitchell & Webb are the two guys from the most excellent Peep Show. The show also had the lady who plays Sophie in the show, Olivia Coleman, and the lovely James Bachman in it.

James was/is part of population 3, whom my friends and I saw at the Edinburgh festival performing the very funny Wicker Woman and Elephant Woman at the Pleasance. If you ever get chance to see these two shows then do it and sit as close to the front as possible for full interaction :-). It was exciting to see him again, but he didn’t seem to do much in the actual show (I think he wrote some of it). But regardless, I’ll always be interested in anything he does, as he really seems the kind of guy who you would just love to have as a good friend. I don’t know why, maybe because he has eyes that remind me of GM!

Anyway the only reason I wrote this entire blog was just to say that Robert Webb is hot. Very hot. I didn’t even pay much attention to the content of the show because I was a) trying to avoid the laughing baboons sat next to me, and mainly b) perving.

Caffeine Frenzy

Laurie’s linklog has just sent me on over to’s Starbucks experiment.

Just how many Starbucks can you find within a 5 mile radius? I am 162 from work and 121 from home. How mental is that! Add in all the Costa’s, Benjis and all the independant cafes… Just how many coffee’s do you need!

Oh and this just made me laugh, from

“What benefits will I receive as a Starbucks Partner?
Starbucks Total Pay package is referred to as “Your Special Blend” because it is unique to each partner.”

Music Meme

From the very lovely cultivated stupidity

1. What’s the total size of music files on your computer?
About 2.63GB on this, my iBook, and close to 60GB I think on my PC.

2. What is the last CD you bought?
I bought the Chemical Brothers ‘Come with us’ yesterday for ฃ4.99 from Sainsbury’s. But I got a free promo copy of their new album ‘Push the button’ today too!

3. What is the last song you listened to before you read this post?
“Never Tear Us Apart”. Not the original INXS version, but a duet from Tom Jones & Natalie Imbruglia. It was from Tom’s great Reload album and I ripped it in to play to housemate J last week to showcase its excellence ๐Ÿ˜€

4. Name four songs that you listen to a lot or that mean a lot to you.
(i) Moby – Porcelain. Don’t listen to it that much but it reminds me of a time. We went to Majorca at the end of our A Levels and went to BCM – a big superclub in Palma. They had a light/laser show midway through and this was the first track. The combination of the lights and the sound was amazing. I also saw Moby do this live at a Robbie gig at Knebworth I went to back in Summer 2003.
(ii) Human League – Together in Electric Dreams. Again don’t listen much but it reminds me of my first day of work. At 5pm on the friday everyone got lyrics out and stood up and karaoked along to this track. It was veryrandom.

Listen lots atm, according to iTunes…
(iii) Chemical Brothers- Galvanise. Yeah read below for Chem’s word splurge!
(iv) Charlotte Hatherley – Bastardo. New single from the fab album ‘Grey will fade’ with a fab video (directed by bf Edgar Wright) and starring the yummy Simon Pegg!

5. Which three people are you passing the baton on to and why?
Hmmm what?

The Bravery

While still in the same indie-dance realm, The Bravery are a dancier version of the Killers. Named as ‘ones to watch in 2005’, by the BBC, the NME & Rolling Stone amongst many, the Bravery certainly have a good start to the year, but can they pull it off?

They are 4 New Yorkers and their 2nd single ‘An Honest mistake’ is hitting radio stations now, before being released on 28th February. They have a tour in the US throughout Febrary before hitting the UK for a series of gigs which all but two of them are sold out. Hopefully I’ll find some from somewhere and be able to witness them firsthand.

I’m not sure if any of them can beat Brandon’s beautiful face but the single is great, and you can read more about them (and indeed check their faces) in this article from this weeks NME.

Hear a bit of the single at the BBC

The Chemical Brothers – Push the Button

Housemate J & I were driving through London on a typical ‘Let’s go for a random drive’ Sunday night adventure listen to XFM’s The Remix show when we heard a proper WTF WAS THAT tune. It turned out to be the new Chemical Brothers track – Galvanise feat Q Tip.

I’d never really been into the Chems. Sure I could name a few tracks … hey boy, hey girl, It began in Afrika, Star guitar, but that was about it.

However Galvanise was a track which really stood out from the radio and made me want to hear it again and again. It got on all the radio playlists and its finally out this week (going top 3 i think!)

But anyway enough waffling about Galvanise. You’ve all heard it, its top. End.

But, it’s the lead single from their 5th studio album Push the Button (can anyone say that without going DONT PUSH THE BUTTON afterwards?). After 11 years and 8 million record sales, I was finally ready to take notice. The album is a mixed affair, travelling from the hip hop tinged Galvanise through Electronica and heavy beats.

I had to quickly splurge some words about track number 8 – Close Your eyes which features the much tipped Magic Numbers. I know little about the Magic Numbers other than they are 2 pairs of sibling and their names are being bandied about all over the London cool music scene. I heard the track today on BBC LDN’s Joy of Music show and loved it. Then I listened to the album again and loved it even more. It’s 6 minutes 13 seconds of gorgeous harmonies, soaring strings and vocals and its just a big bundle of loving.

Get it, and put it on your octagon playlist.

(I’ll write a better review when I’m not in quite such a splurging musicasming mood)


So blog comment spam, we all love it eh?

Typekey seems to be the way forward.

You now have to login using your typekey profile to leave a blog on the site, but once you have a login you can use it on any blog which uses typekey… and more and more will be doing so in the near future I think.

EDIT Typekey is only working on posts from here and onwards. Is there a way to make it cover all my previous posts, as that is where the comment spam is happening?

We will mock you

A few days ago I was remarking to my housemate, that if there is such a thing as the afterlife, and people can look down from above as to what’s going on, Freddie Mercury must be having a good old giggle at his giant ‘statue’ on Tottenham Court Road above the theatre showing the Queen musical ‘We Will Rock You’.

Today we flicked between music channels and came across the great video for ‘I want to break free’ (how adorable a girl does Roger Taylor make in that video by the way ๐Ÿ™‚ and housemate J started telling me about how some people really really hate queen, not because of their music, but because they were one of very few British bands to accept invites to aparthied South Africa and perform for a white only audience. Now I know very little about the old South Africa, but the Guardian coincidentally published an article about Queen & SA yesterday. They speak of the Live Aid DVD and how seeing Queen shaking their thang for third world poverty seemed a complete hypocrisy at the time.

An interesting read anyway, for those babies (like me) amongst us who are too young to remember.

Link: Queen in the Stone Age : Guardian

Films at Abbey Road

Via the excellent Londonist

The famous Abbey Road Studios will be running a film festival for a fortnight from 19 March with screenings at midday, 3pm and 7.30pm each day.

The studios have been used to score over 150 major films over the last 25 years and the festival will be picking from amongst them, and transforming studio 1 into a cinema.

It definately sounds interesting and like it could be worth a visit. Only downside is the price – ฃ15/ฃ20 ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

Link :