Dim-T : A basic review

Dim T – Oriental Food – Charlotte Street, W1.

On Good Friday evening at about 9pm we headed to Charlotte Street in
search of some food.  We normally eat at the La Perla (Mexican) or on
occasion Chez Gerard and thought we would probably end up in one of
those.  However due to our taxi dropping us slightly higher up the
road, the first restaurant we came across was Dim-T, specialising not
so suprisingly in Dim Sum and East Asian food.  The outside is silver
with pink writing and it looked nice and busy, so we ventured in.

Inside is nice and relaxing looking, with long couches and cushions
against the walls, generally creating a very warm and relaxing
atmosphere.  The music was first loungey jazz and then Dido’s No Angel
album all adding to the stylishly casual mood.   

This was the first time I had tried Dim Sum since being a child so was
unsure what to expect.  We selected the dim sum selection which let us
choose to be given 6 Chicken, Seafood, Vegetarian or Meat dumplings. 
We went for chicken.  After about 5 minutes, they arrived in a basket
(the same type you get pancakes with duck in) and looked very much like
alien embryos!  But we were not put off.   We were given 2 of 3
different varieties and they were all very tasty.   I even managed to
eat the spicy one, although I normally hate even slightly spicy food.
And throughout the whole meal I used chopsticks for the first time.
Normally I just can’t do it and give up straight away but chopstick
ability now goes straight onto my cv 🙂

Onto the main course, I went for the same Crispy Aromatic Duck and got
more than enough for a bargainous £8.   J had a noodle stirfry.  For
about £7 you could pick your meat (or not), the type of rice, and the
toppings you wished from about 5 or 6 options, with something for

So all in all Dim-T was an unexpected bonus to the evening.  It was a
very tasty, relatively cheap meal and has crept into our very favourite
restaurants list.  Now I don’t know how to review food, other than to
say it was yummy, but I thought I would put this here to encourage you
to go if you are ever stuck where to go to eat in W1.

Other good stuff

This Thursday at Koko  (*snork*) sees a Eat your own ears event.

The lineup is

Live: Tom Vek, Electric Soft Parade (RANDOM!), Hot Chip, Whitey, The Beat Up, Park Attack and Deaf Stereo.

Then DJing: Richard X, Optimo, Druzzis’ Nathan Gregory Wilkings & Ben Rhymer, Paul Epworth, Filthy Dukes, Eat your own ears DJs and Our Disco Djs

I’ve seen Optimo twice now.  One was for their album launch night at The Cock @ Ghetto which was really really amazing.  The music was very electo and the whole atmosphere was just dirty, filthy sex.  The second time was at the  very dark coked up punters orgy that was Our Disco on friday night (read more about that here)  where they played a much older sounding set, with surf guitars a plenty.   Anyway seeing them again will be good, particularly as it’s in a much larger venue.  And I’ve been wanting to see Richard X for yonks!

The second thing I am very much looking forward to in my musical calender is Fabric Live at Fabric, one of the weeks in April.   Jacques Le Cont is playing alongside Etienne De Crecy in Room 1.  Fabric is probably my favourite venue in London.  The layout is amazing and the music is always great.  I saw Jacques Le Cont there in December alongside Soulwax, Mylo & DJ Yoda to name but a few.  The lineup that night was amazing, but being the friday before Xmas, it was an absolute nightmare to get in.  Even in the guestlist queue we were outside for nearly an hour.   And then to top it all off both J & I were really weary and got very sleepy at about 1.30.  So sleepy that we went home which was a major disappointment.

So this time it will be different.  Hopefully J will take the pm off work and I probabably won’t be in either.   We will get there early and Red Bull ourselves to the max.  If you haven’t heard of Jacques Le Cont, he does a lot of remixes of chart hits as well as being the force behind Les Rhythms Digitales and a new project Juliet whose single Avalon you may have heard.

Out Hud

I’ve been reading Music for Robots a lot recently.  This mp3 blog is always full of great tracks, and it introduced me to a band called Out Hud.  Maybe I’m really behind the times and you have all heard of them before, but this was the first time I had come across them.  I managed to hear two tracks off their forthcoming album Let Us Never Speak of This AgainHow Long and It’s For You.  How Long really really stood out to me and off I trundled to buy the album.  It came out on Monday but play recently seem to have lost the plot on deliveries so who knows when I will get it.

3 of the members of Out Hud are also in punky band !!! who I saw at Reading last year.  I’ve got their album but not really listened to it much.  Out Hud are a much dancier version though (or at least the 2 tracks I have are).

I love how crazy All Music‘s descriptions of acts are.  When I’m not wanting to gauge my eyes out from how slow the site is, I can often be found rolling around on my floor laughing my ass off at it.  Mmmm.  Anyway allmusic describes the band as

  • Restrained
  • Playful
  • Plaintive
  • Anxious
  • Complex
  • Clinical
  • Boisterous

Nice!  When play deliveres I shall tell you which of these it fits!

MfR also mentioned how they were the best live act he had ever seen.  And this is my main point.  They are, to my delight, playing at Koko (god how much of a radio geek am I that that venue name always makes me giggle – you will understand if you ever heard the koko.koko.koko.com song. Oh dear.) at Club NME sometime in April.   So you should go and experience some great music!  Just don’t buy all the tickets because I need some too!

The Camden Crawl

I seem to have done nothing the last week or so but go to gigs.  I’ll upload photos when I can find my camera!

We started with the Camden Crawl – 40 bands on in various venues round Camden all on one evening.  A ticket was £15 and this got you entry into all the venues involved.  There was an added bonus as Milly came down from the Midlands to enjoy it too.

We picked up our wristbands midafternoon and headed to the World’s End pub to plan our itinery.    There were 8 venues and 5 different slots at each venue, meaning there were far more clashes than I had originally envisaged as I expected slots to be shorter.  The venues were across Camden with the two extremes being Koko (formerly Camden Palace) and Barfly down on Chalk Farm Road.

First up we headed to the Oh! Bar on Camden High Street to see Weapons of Mass Belief .  I thought their website was broken for the last two weeks but it turns out it *only* works in IE.  Bah.  They are a punky-rap outfit from South Wales doing the nu-metal style thing perhaps 3 years too late (or is it due a comeback).  Black Line Ninja was released on March 7th and is definatly worth a listen.   We only really caught the tail end of their set, annoyingly being held back from entering while they were playing the single because the bouncers were having a chat!

Off then to Koko to attempt to see the end of Do Me Bad ThingsRicky had seen them the night before and liked them a lot.  Unfortunatly we got there just as everyone was leaving, and instead ended up with Milly having a mass GLC debate with one of J’s friends.

Next up we hit Lock 17, at least I think that’s what it was called, to see Hard-Fi.  I’d been listening to a bundle of camden crawl band tracks for the week leading up to the event and Hard-Fi’s single Tied up Too Tight was the most immediately striking of the lot.  The venue itself was very nice, quite large and quite full.   Milly had seen the band earlier in the week supporting The Bravery, and we bopped along to a really enjoyable set.   There were some sound problems, but nothing really to detract from the greatness of some of the tracks.   There should be an album out in June, I think, and they are playing at the 100 Club on Oxford Street in London on April 28th so I would wholeheartily recommend you get tickets for that if you can.  Unfortunatly I am seeing the Kaiser Chiefs that night, round the corner at the Astoria, but there might be some running between venue antics!

After Hard-Fi we briefly dropped into the Caernavon Castle to see someone who I can’t even remember for about 2 songs.  They were quiet and not very interesting.

For the final set we had a lot of people to pick between.  It could have been Graham Coxon, Buzzcocks, The Subways or many others, but we took ourselves down to Barfly to see Le Tigre.  I’d seen them before doing a PA at Popstarz but not really paid that much attention. Since then I have heard a lot more of their material and so really really enjoyed this gig.  It was marred somewhat by some plonker who thought he was being Nathan Barley and was ‘dead ironic’.  I particularly enjoyed his ‘Get off me you queer cunt’ to someone in the audience.  Oh, people!

So all in all it was a fun night.  If you haven’t heard of the bands above, the tracks you should check out are:

Hard-Fi : Tied Up Too Tight / Cash Machine
Weapons of Mass Belief : Black Line Ninja
Le Tigre : Decepticon / TKO / On the Verge

iPod meme

This has been doing the rounds so I may as well do it.  It will be fascinating for no one but me 🙂

Within each item, songs listed in Title — Album — Artist format.

How many songs?
7139 songs, 20:09:55:59 total playing time, 33.17Gb

Sorted by song title, the first and last songs:
‘O3 Bonnie & Clyde – Jay-Z – Blueprint 2.1
Zuton Fever – The Zutons – Who killed the Zutons

Sorted by artist, the first and last songs:
When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get Karazee – !!! – Louden Up Now
Lucy – zZz – the sound of zzz

Sorted by album, the first and last songs:
Invisible – Fischerspooner – #1
The Hives are Law, You Are Crime – The Hives – Your New Favourite Band

Top 10 most-played songs:
(Most-played song at No. 1)

1. Guns of Brixton – Camille – Nouvelle Vauge
2. How Long – Out Hud – Let Us Never Speak of this Again
3. In A Manner of Speaking – Camille – Nouvelle Vaugue
4. Teenage Kicks – Melanie Pain – Nouvelle Vague
5. Love will tear us apart – Eloisa – Nouvelle Vauge
6. Why Do You Love Me – Garbage – Why do you love me (single)
7. Tied Up Too Tight – Hard-Fi
8. They – Jem – Finally Woken
9. A Fprest – Marina celeste – Nouvelle Vague
10. Negotiate with Love – Rachel Stevens

Top 10 recently played songs:

1. L.S.F – Kasabian – Kasabian
2. I.D. – Kasabian – Kasabian
3. Club Foot- Kasabian – Kasabian
4. Team Mate – Kaiser Chiefs – Employment
5. Finest Dreams (feat Kelis) – Richard X – Presents his X Factor
6. Into You (feat Jarvis Cocker) – Richard X – Presents his X Factor
7. Anniemal – Annie – Anniemal
8. Man who sold the world pt 2 – Living Legends – Classic
9. Deceptacon – Le Tigre – Le Tigre
10. Do Something – Britney Spears – Greatest Hits – My Preogative

Find “sex”; how many songs?

Total : 29.  Top 4:

1. All Day Long I dream about sex – JC Chasez – Schizophonic
2. Sascha (Sex Secret) (Mouguai Mix) – 2raumwohung &  Mougaai
3. Sexx Laws – Beck – Midnite Vultures
4. Dakota – Stereophonics – Language.Sex.Violence.Other

Find “death”; how many songs?

Total : 29.  Top 4:

1. The New Year – Death Cab for cutie – Transatlanticism
2. Fantine’s Death – Debbie Byrne & Garry Morris – Les Miserables
3. Title and Registration — iTunes New Music Sampler — Death Cab for Cutie
4. Aisha – Death in Vegas – The Contino Sessions

Find “love”; how many songs?

Total : 597  Top 4:

1. Love will tear us apart – Eloisia – Nouvelle Vague
2. Why Do You Love Me – Garbage
3. Negotiate with love – Rachel Stevens
4. Ever Fallen in Love – Buzzcocks – 24 Hour Party People

Find “peace”; how many songs?

Total : 6

1. Rest in Peace – James Marsters – Once More with feeling
2. Peace the fuck out – Travis – 12 Memories
3. Peace of Me – Natasha Bedingfield – Unwritten
4. Peace and Love – Fountains of Wayne – Welcome Interstate Managers

Find “rain”; how many songs?

Total: 42.  Top 4:

1. Insane in the Brain – Cypress Hill – Hip Hop Classics
2. Rainbow High – Evita Cast – Evita OST
3. Summer Rain – Belinda Carlise – Greatest Hits
4. The Brainwasher – Daft Punk – Human After All

Find “sun”; how many songs?

Total: 150.  Top 4:

1. Teenage Kiss – Joakin – Kitsune X
2. Trippin On Sunshine – Pizzaman
3. Brighter than Sunshine – Aqualung – Still Life
4. Walkin’ on the Sun – Smash mouth – The Best Bands… Ever


So tonight I saw Beck at the Islington Academy. 

It was very hot, but very good.  And given I know hardly any Beck songs I was a bit dubious.

Songs I knew were The Devil’s haircut and new single E-pro.   The rest was mainly stuff of the new album but it was all good!   


This week’s big releases…

       and it’s all about the


Tipped by the
music industry as the number 1 act to watch this year, The Bravery give us their debut single Honest Mistake.  Think a more New Order-y version of the
Killers and you’re not far off.  This indie disco stonker will be getting
you on the dancefloor of your local club in no time at all.

And from the cool to what we might expect to be the downright dull. The Stereophonics are back. 
Unexpectedly casting aside the horror of the last two albums, they’ve leapt on
the current trends and brought us the 80s synthesised sound of Dakota. It’s this week’s tune
you’ll hate to love.

Ms Spears is the second best female this week.  The
video for Do Somethin’ sees her
riding high with a flying car, pink guitar and a girly rock band. It’s a dirty, sleazy track, but it’s sure as
hell fun to dance and to do your best trailer trash Britney impression to.

Top prizes, this week however, go to our favourite Norwegian pop princess, Annie.  She’s back
with Heartbeat, the 2nd single from the delightful Anniemal.  This
infectious piece of detached electro disco happily bounces along, and her curiously endearing, accent gives it that
added X factor.