My favourite North London Jewish Princess

RachelRachel Stevens, ex S club, hottest girl in pop (although not on this single cover, nice font tho!), bringer of some brilliant, and some diabolical singles is currently planning the release of ‘So Good’, the 2nd single to be taken from her to be named forthcoming album.

6 years in from when we first met Rachel on debut single and first number 1 for S Club, Bring it All Back, what do we actually know about her?  She was engaged to Jeremy Edwards, then dated a rugby boy, won lots of FHM polls…. anything else?   For those in the know, Rachel is generally regarded as a bit of a bore, and it may be this seeming lack of personality that makes her chart positions not as fantastic as they could be.   For most, Rachel is a voice (and a highly produced one at that).  You could put anyone’s vocals on some of her best tracks and not know the difference.  Rachel needs to do something to get people excited about her.

Sogoodpromocdfront4dathBut as I said, her solo singles have not all been great.  Indeed she has seemed to alternate between releasing amazing pop songs (Sweet Dreams, Some Girls, Negotiate with love) and downright clangers (FunkyDory, More More More).   A chart position of 10 for Negotiate with Love doesn’t do the song justice, but there is no question to its greatness.   

Now finally she breaks the trend.  The next single isn’t the worst thing you’ve heard all year, but perhaps one of the best.   ‘So Good’ is released way out there on July 4th.  It’s much more dancefloor friendly than ‘Negotiate with Love’, and indeed will be getting an airing in our early set tonight.  It opens with a strong bassline, and then mixes itself between Goldfrapp esque vocals (the echo-y ‘you you you’) and the hints of a mid 90s rave classic.  Which rave classic I can’t quite figure out, but the chorus does sound familiar. [Edit : Figured it out, it’s Grace – Not Over Yet]

So come on Rachel, let us see who you are, do something to make the public care about you and buy your music. Because, Miss maybe new Doctor Who companion, sadly your songs just aren’t reaching out to people the way they really should.

And week 3

So next week we go full time… but for the final time our one hour set playlist!

Pulp – Do you remember the first time?
Saint Etienne – Only Love Can Break Your Heart
Mylo – In My Arms
Le Tigre – My My Metrocard
Beck – Mixed Bizness
Lush – Ladykillers
Kelis – Trick Me
Kitty & the Ks – I am a MF
LCD Soundsystem – Tribulations
Chemical Brothers – Believe
Skunk Anansie – Twisted
Placebo – Every You Every Me
Kylie – In Your Eyes
No Doubt – Just a Girl
Girls Aloud – Wake Me Up
Bloc Party – Helicopter
Kaiser Chiefs – I Predict A Riot.

Roll on next Thursday.

Meme me up!


So I’ve posted little on here recently about anything other than Miss-Shapes playlists. I hate to come back with a meme, but my dear Ms Lewis has passed the baton onto me so I must oblige. I’m not that big on films though so this maybe a bit poor.

the last film i saw at the cinema…
As far as I can remember it was Meet The Fockers on Holloway Road. The original was funny and made me like Ben Stiller, however this follow up wasn’t too good. Dustin & Barbara were a nice addition though.

last film i watched otherwise…
Again it’s a while back, but I think I watched Bridget Jones 2 at home when ill one day. Now I love Hugh Grant, and will normally stick up for any film with him in, but, oh dear, it was just gash! I really don’t like Zellweger – I just want to grab her face and shake it. Sequels suck ass man.

films i’m looking forward to seeing…
League of Gentlemen, Willy Wonka, the new Batman film, the Interpreter, A life aquatic.

total number of films i own… Ooh maybe about 50? I went through a phase of buying lots of DVDs a few years ago, but I’ve got over that now 🙂

five films that mean something to me… I’m not sure any do. Evita got me hooked on Eva Peron and Madonna. Moulin Rouge got me going at the time. Finding Nemo was watched very late, but loved! Shaun of the Dead made me say HELLO to Mr Pegg. Oh and who could leave out Back to the Future. Hello I’m a boy!

honourable mentions… I like High fidelity, 28 days later, the Beach, De-Lovely (Uber intensely weepy)

passing the baton… I don’t really want to pass it to anyone, but if I must … Mary & Relly. Over to the ladies


Misshapes Week 2!

Wow it’s nearly 5am and I’m not even tired, but I will head to bed very soon.

So just got in from Miss-shapes.  I don’t think our set was as sharp as last weeks but it was still good.

Anyway this was our set:

Freda Payne – Band of Gold (before doors opened)
Black Box Recorder – These are the things
Ladytron – Playgirl
Grandaddy – The Crystal Lake
The Pipettes – ABC
Holly Valance – State of Mind
Garbage – Androgyny
Sugababes – Overload
Annie – Chewing Gum
Richard X – Finest Dreams (feat. Kelis)
Beck – E-pro
Mousse T – Right About Now
Kylie – Some kind of Bliss
Charlotte Hatherley – Bastardo
White Stripes – Blue Orchid
Weezer – Buddy Holly
Blondie – Atomic
Girls Aloud – Love Machine
Le Tigre – TKO


MS Week 1!

So last night we started our sets at Miss-Shapes.  For the first 4 weeks we are just doing hour 1 to get used to the club and the systems, then we’ll be doing lots more.

Our aim was to play good/biggish tunes, but they would be things you don’t hear *all* the time…

So our first hour playlist last night was…

Kelly Osbourne – One Word
Girls Aloud – You Freak Me Out
Mania – Money in my pocket
Scissor Sisters – Get it Get it
Fischerspooner – Happy
Amerie – 1 thing
Elastica – Waking Up
Bloc Party – Helicopter
Sleeper – Sale of the century
Basement Jaxx – Plug it in (feat JC Chasez)
Kittie & the Ks – I am a MF
Eve – Let me blow your mind (feat Gwen Stefani)
Puretone – Addicted to Bass
Clash – London Calling
Rachel Stevens – Some Girls
Placebo – Every me & Every You

Man, I’m so happy to be back djing again!


So we got it!

Come see us DJ on Monday night at Trash Palace on Wardour Street, or the first hour (until doing it properly from June) at Misshapes on Falconberg Close from next Thursday!


DJ fun

At university I was the main mainstream DJ for my final two years.   I loved it.  There is nothing better than the rush you get when playing music to people and seeing them enjoy it.  And when you can throw in some new stuff and gradually make them love it, it’s even better.

Since leaving uni I’ve missed my DJing a lot.   Given I used to work maybe 2 or 3 times a week, to go to nothing is pants!  I’ve done a set at Edinburgh Uni & City Uni since, but still it’s not the same and I was all rushed and paniccy.

Anyway a few weeks ago J & I were at Miss-Shapes, a pop/indie night at Ghetto in London, which is run by the same people who bring us Popstarz every Friday night.   There was a sign saying one of the DJs was going away for 3 months and they were auditioning for new DJs last night at Trash Palace.

So along we went and we got some very favourable comments.  Rather bizarrely most people auditioning didn’t seem to stick to the music policy and were playing stuff that was far too obscure or cool.

Anyway this was our playlist:

Kelly Osbourne – One Word (trust me I know it sounds wrong but its very good)
Bloc Party – Banquet
Amerie – 1 Thing
Kaiser Chiefs – Every Day I Love You Less & Less
Le Tigre – TKO
The Stranglers – All day and all of the night
Skunk Anansie – Twisted (Everyday Hurts)
Girls Aloud – No Good Advice
Beck – Sexx Laws

Fingers crossed 🙂


Written a few weeks ago for somewhere else.  This is music I’m enjoying lots at the moment (or was a few weeks ago, now it’s all about Odyssey baby!).

Le Tigre – My housemate was worryingly obsessive about these
last year and saw them do a PA at Popstarz in London but didn’t really
pay much attention (robbie williams was standing next to me and no one
else had noticed him!!). Anyway they are 3 girls doing a whole feminist
Riot Grrrl thing. And it’s good. I saw them again at Barfly a few weeks
ago and they were awesome. To start with try their cover of I’m So Excited, Deceptacon and On the Verge

The Arcade Fire
– Heard the album last November and really liked it. They are a
Canadian ecletic indie 4 piece selling out anything they release gig
wise over here in the UK, but I managed to catch them at ULU a couple
of weeks ago, and the show was pretty wild, energetic and spectacular.
The album ‘Funeral’ came out two weeks ago. Try Rebellion(lies).

Hard-FI – I’ve only heard 3 tracks, but these guys add a bit of X factor to indie rock that is making me sit up and take notice.  Try Cash Machine or Tied Up Too Tight both of which you’ll have probably heard on Huw or Zane recently…

Out Hud
– Half of this group make up punkpop outfit !!!. Out Hud have a more
dancy sound and are on Kranky records. An mp3 blog alerted me to their
prescene and i’ve been hooked ever since. Their live shows are meant to
be amazing and they are playing Club NME at Koko in Camden on April
29th. Try
How Long … it’s mega!

The Very Best of East 17

My, I get the best gigs.   This was originally published on and was suprisingly hard to write.  I mean, c’mon, how much can a girl say about East 17.

Back in a dim and distant land known as the 1990s, a
style of music existed which holds little place in today’s
charts…that of the boy band. Take That, Boyzone, 911, Let Loose
were all groups of attractive young men who initially built up their
fanbases in gay clubs before swarms of screaming teenage fans began to
follow them across the land.

An infamous part of this boy band era were 4 young men who mixed rap
with their pop melodies and took a more ‘street’ attitude to life. They
were called East 17.
Tony, Brian, Terry and John originated from the London postcode their
name describes and were famous for not keeping the squeaky clean
lifestyle their contemporaries claimed to uphold. From 1992 to 1997,
they chalked up 16 Top 30 hits, including one number 1, the 1994 Xmas
hit "Stay Another Day".

So, 8 years after their split, quite where the idea to release a
freshly packaged Greatest Hits compilation came from is unfathomable.
But that’s not to say the songs on the album weren’t good. They were
great…in their day.

The album will raise a smile on the face of anyone who grew up with
the sound of East 17 around them. While you might remember your first
kiss to the romantic sounds of "Stay Another Day", or the soulful "If
You Ever" (featuring Gabrielle),
classics like "House Of Love" and "It’s Alright" can still be found on
the dance floors of alcohol-fuelled Students’ Unions across the
country. And without a doubt, the dirty basslines on tracks like
"Steam" paved the way for late 90s boy band 5ive.

Coupled with the good comes the bad, and the Hi-NRG sounds of tracks
such as "Let It Rain" do make you reach for the fast forward button on
your stereo. This album isn’t going to win the group any new fans, nor
is it going to herald a great comeback. Instead, it’s an album you will
play once or twice when you want to have a good giggle at what music
was like in the good old 90s.