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To find out about me professionally check this out. is a blog by me. I go by the pen name of Trixie Karinski in a barely working attempt to make my googlability a bit less full on and am totally obsessed with music. I’m a radio producer, music curator, pop music journalist, club DJ and slightly geeky blogging harlot. My favourite thing in the whole world is finding a new (to me) song and being able to share it with other people who find it as awesome as I do.

I just finished looking after heat radio. This meant I figured out what comes out of the radio from who the presenters are to what music we play, and I do it all in conjunction with the magazine team. It is amazing fun. Under my tenure we have gained our highest ever listening figures. High 5.

A while ago I made a documentary about Daft Punk for BBC Radio 1 which you can listen to here. It was awesome, and yes, I’ve seen their faces.

I’m really good at telling you about the latest Scandinavian pop star, making a dancefloor bounce, being competitive at pub quizzes, dreaming of moving to America, still getting ID’d, hogging Singstar, drinking strawberry water and getting people to listen to awesome new music.

Add me on twitter @trixie and at to see what I’m listening to.

I’ve been writing this blog for over 10 years, so yes there is some proper rubbish from wallowing university days. Don’t go near that archive.

I’m always open to new music, finding out things from you or new opportunities.

2 thoughts on “All About Me

  1. we like your blog. we’re getting ready to kick down a few tracks to our fav music hypsters. and you make the cut! so… expect some love soon.


    Pance Party

  2. Hello!
    I am working for a marketing firm and I am now running an on line campaign for a client that offers insurance. I would like to place a link on the home page of Karinski.
    I know it may not be something that you have done or considered in that past; but sing your blog for advertising but I think that this would benefit both my client and yourself. I will be offering you monetary compensation to host a link. I hope that we can work something out! I can answer any questions you may have. Let me know what you think. Thanks in advance!

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