Hoodie Allen


Meet Hoodie Allen – a former google employee (you don’t get a job there if you’re not super clever) turned rapper. From what I can make out he’s been known on the indie scene in America for a good few years and released lots of music, but All About It feels like a big turn, and the first time he could pop up here in the UK in a big way.

An Ed Sheeran feature (although it’s more of a & surely?) is certainly going to help him, and this fun video is very endearing. I don’t know what the UK release plan is or if he’s coming through a certain label, but this song can be currently purchased as part of the All About It EP, but it’s set as ‘album only’ which normally means it’s coming in a big way later in the year.


Incidentally Hoodie’s name reminded me of Hobbie Stuart – what happened there? Disastrous idea on a launch single and nothing since 🙁

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