Every couple of weeks in radio land, pluggers from record labels come in and play us some new songs that they want radio programmers to consider for plays. A few weeks ago I was played the new Kelly Clarkson single, GRL Lighthouse and this by Tove Styrke. I really like all three songs, but Ego – the most unlikely for play on my station – was my absolute favourite. I wasn’t allowed to keep a copy of the record, and wouldn’t let the plugger leave until I had played it 5 times and danced round the studio to it.

Utterly gorgeous and cosmic sounding, Ego is the most mainstream record Tove Styrke has released since signing to RCA records and having an international profile outside of the pop blogs. At the moment the label are very much focusing her as a Radio 1 / specialist act which is an utterly dull positioning exercise they sometimes have to do to make people who rely on stats and what others do aware of her.

I just love it. It’s an absolute smash and I’ll be playing it in as many places as possible.


Hoodie Allen


Meet Hoodie Allen – a former google employee (you don’t get a job there if you’re not super clever) turned rapper. From what I can make out he’s been known on the indie scene in America for a good few years and released lots of music, but All About It feels like a big turn, and the first time he could pop up here in the UK in a big way.

An Ed Sheeran feature (although it’s more of a & surely?) is certainly going to help him, and this fun video is very endearing. I don’t know what the UK release plan is or if he’s coming through a certain label, but this song can be currently purchased as part of the All About It EP, but it’s set as ‘album only’ which normally means it’s coming in a big way later in the year.


Incidentally Hoodie’s name reminded me of Hobbie Stuart – what happened there? Disastrous idea on a launch single and nothing since 🙁