Echosmith – Cool Kids


Normally when I go to America I hear a couple of songs that are definitely going to make it in the UK. Last year it was Lorde, and this year Echosmith,

Cool Kids has been a ‘sleeper hit’ in the USA, and like so many great acts before it, first began to get traction due to the band’s slot on The Warped Tour. Eventually it hit #9 on the confusing US chart, and I saw them perform it on Jimmy Fallon.

This week they played London for their first UK show and sent Cool Kids out to radio here with a 21 December release date. I’m pretty sure it’s not going to make much impact right now, but instead will just get the right people noticing them ahead of a re-release and proper campaign next Spring. What a tune though. It’s not OMG AMAZING but it’s very, very close. They’re my new ‘Under The Blacklight’ Rilo Kiley and live at The Barfly they rocked it with singer Sydney pushing Lana Del Rey meets Anna Kendrick cute vibes. I’m just annoyed they arrived on my radar a week too late to give them a BBC Sound of… vote!


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