Parra for Cuva

First came Waves, then Stolen Dance, then Am I Wrong, then Prayer in C – and now in this summer of songs that all have the same kind of sound yet remain amazing is this cover of Wicked Games.

Of course, this has actually been kicking about for ages and I assume the others have too, but what a gloriously chilled blissful song to bring summer to a close.
Parra for Cuva is German producer Nicholas Demuth and vocals come from the good surnamed Anna Naklab – a woman who looks absolutely nothing like the blonde lady on the cover.

Big in Belgium, it’s out here September 28th


Brisbane based brother and sister band Sheppard are about to launch in the UK with this brilliant debut single ‘Geronimo’ described by Lucien Grange as a ‘universal #1 waiting to happen.’

Amy (blue hair) and George (male singer) lead the group, but when I saw them last week they turned out to be a bit of a muddle. On one hand you’ve got some perky, cheesy pop like Geronimo, and then suddenly when Amy sings you’ve got a polished shiny, Katy Perry style popstar, blasting out some almost musical theatre numbers. Still they’re off to a good start – they’ve been signed up for management by Bieber / Rixton guru Scooter Braun, and signed in the UK to Decca. The latter is slightly weird because they’re a label that tend to focus on the classical, or much older Radio 2 vibe. Of course, overall it comes through Universal, but putting them on Decca certainly seems odd.

Also I liked them much more before I found out three of them were siblings. I know we have the incredible Haim now and that should solve those fears, BUT IT DOESN’T. I think there may be some crazy happy clappy Christianity going on behind closed doors (see : Bedingfields). Irrational.

Geronimo is out in the UK Sept 25.