Peter, Bjorn and John can rest! There’s a new Scandavanian whistling anthem on the horizon designed to delight and then after extreme overplay intensely annoy. NONONO are Stina Wäppling, Tobias “Astma” Jimson and Michel Rocwell. Stina works as a psychiatric nurse and had spent the previous two years songwriting with a bunch of different producers all encouraged to make a US radio hit. Then she met Jimson and Rocwell and over time they found their sound and formed NONONO.

Signed to Warner Music in the UK, their debut single and absolute radio hit Pumpin Blood will be released in September.

Influences include Martha Wainwright, Depeche Mode and The Cure – the latter two you can hear very clearly in Down Under and Like The Wind


Fresh on Super Recordings (who were first to bring us Alunageorge), is Fabienne. 21 years old, she’s from Bradford and a recent graduate of LIPA. There’s lots of hip hop beat and drums going on here, coupled with a sweet vocal and a killer hook. Out now, I like it.

Neon Jungle

At last, the next great girl band is here. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting these girls a few times over the last couple of months since they played our gig Future Hits Live in Newcastle UT in May. Jess, Amira, Asami and Shereen are a glorious combination of styles and voices and they’re as feisty, fun, engaging and energetic as their incredible debut single TROUBLE.


Written by Fear of Tigers and Anita Blay (CocknBullKid) it’s a no messing about launch to the world. It’s not a buzz single, this is it. And it’s awesome. It’s almost like it’s perfectly designed for me. I just wish Miss-Shapes still existed so I could belt it at the peak of the night making everyone go nuts in sweaty ghetto.

People bang on about this band or that band being the new Spice Girls, but I’ve never felt the vibe as strongly as I do in this video. It’s so exciting. I’ve heard a couple more songs and Trouble isn’t even the most mental. Welcome to the jungle.

Little Nikki

The phoenix rising from Soundgirl, Little Nikki, yesterday unleashed what’s to become her first major solo single.


I can’t figure out if I like it or not. The verse doesn’t do that much, sounding like a weak Katy B track, but when the chorus kicks in it that’s where Little Nikki Says turns into a belter. As for Nikki, she’s snarling a bit too much in the video and I’m not finding the talking about myself in the third person thing as cute / quirky as I’m meant to. Best bit is at 2.40 when a piano line kicks in. I’d like a full on piano house version please.

Harkive 2013

I’ve always been pretty obsessive about keeping track of what music I listen to. I was an early user of audioscrobbler, now and get in a total stress if I find that it’s not been logging my music.

Today lots of people are taking part in #harkive, a music research project designed to capture a day of listening from across the globe. It’s been set up by student Craig Hamilton, who’s doing an MA in Music Industry Studies at the City of Birmingham University (I have stolen that line from Mark’s blog who is also taking part, and keeping a diary on his blog. Rather than writing it in a email I have stolen this idea too and will now blog my day. Here goes:

8.20 – Wake up, do bathroomy stuff listening to the new song by Mutya Keisha Siobhan ‘Flatline’. I played it on soundcloud on my iPhone in the bathroom about 4 times in a row. We played it on heat radio yesterday as a spot play and it sounded great.

8.35 – Details of the new Manic Street Preachers album arrived yesterday. I love them but also kind of forget about how much I love them when they’re not about. For my commute home yesterday I listened to their Greatest Hits ‘National Treasures’ and I continued listening to that for my commute in. What a banger

9.00 – Arrive at work, I work at a radio station so at all points throughout the day I can hear a backgroundy head messing combination of Kiss, Magic and Planet Rock radio

9.30 – Someone tweets about a cover of Solange’s Losing You which mixes it with Destiny’s Child Say My Name. Two amazing songs. I don’t know who Mausi is but I listen to this 3 times.

9.55 – Look at our other radio station’s playlists. Kerrang have A listed the new Editors single. My colleague Liz says it’s amazing. I watched a little bit of them at Glastonbury and I really loved their first album so I decide to listen to the full new album ‘The Weight Of Your Love’ via spotify. I go to their website and see that the album debuted at #1 in Holland. GET THEM.

11.31 – Thinking about songs that we’ll listen to in playlist for heat radio tomorrow. The new Ellie Goulding single will be one of them

11.45 – I have a cover presenter working on heat radio this week so I need to have a listen in to make sure all is sounding good. Happily John sounds great. I can flick through his show using our internal monitoring system so hear snippets of lots of songs. One I stop and listen to in full is the classic Rapture by Iio.

14.10 – Taking a quick look at entertainment sites online I spot Digitalspy have a new AlunaGeorge track online. It’s called ‘Bad Idea’ and will be the B side to the great’ You Know You Like It’. This isn’t that great. Aluna’s voice is always interesting to listen to but there’s a lack of killer hook. I wonder what the album will be like. Their set at Glastonbury was littered with as many fillers as there were hits.

14.30 – A big job I need to do at heat is look through all the music we play and make sure it’s the right music. We update the playlist every week but this is our back catalogue of songs. At the moment I’m listening to our recurrents – these are songs from this decade that come round about 5 times a week. I flick through various songs briefly and stop on a few I really like but haven’t heard in ages like Mike Posner ‘Cooler Than Me’ and Pink ‘Please Don’t Leave Me’. Then while crunching some music numbers I listen to Florence & The Machine