Kate Boy

Tegan & Sara produced by The Knife. This is Kate Boy.

In a shock twist for a country renown for a real lack of good music, Kate Boy are Swedish. Well three of them are – the charmingly named Hampus, Oskar and Markus – and they’re joined by Australian Kate Akhurst on vocals.

Whether they are pop svengalis who have discovered a singing puppet remains to be seen. They are currently running the ‘oooh we’re mysterious’ template.


Please can someone educate musicians in SEO? This is Banks.

‘Before I Ever Met You’ is the B-Side to her first single. The B SIDE! The A side ‘Fall Over’ is good but this is the one.

Before I ever met you I never knew I could be broken in so many ways.


Dramatically dark and brooding. Soft yet snarly. It practically makes my eyes roll into the back of my head.

Banks is LA based and signed to Seb Chew’s label Good Years in the UK.

Lion Babe

This took a couple of listens, but the vibes have got me.

Lion Babe is producer Lucas Goodman and vocalist Jillian Hervey, daughter of all round amazing woman Vanessa Williams. This is reason enough to have a listen.

I could happily leave this on loop for hours.

Imagine growing up with this – WHAT A TUNE


Chloe Howl

Chloe Howl is properly ripe for mischief. I have no doubt this girl is going to become a tabloid fixture very soon.

Just look at that face.


I was lucky enough to go to Columbia this week to hear some of Chloe’s forthcoming stuff. She was signed when she was 16 and brought to the label’s attention by someone from Republica who is now her manager (not Saffron!) Since then she’s been in the studio with the likes of Eg White and generally done some growing up into an incredibly confident young woman.

She’s definitely got a touch of the Kate Nash & Lily Allen about her but I love that. Kate’s first album was such a girly listen, full of tales of friendship and things going ‘shit’ and Chloe has that same totally ‘one of us’ vibe about her. Girls will love her, boys will want her. Total win.


Very exciting. She’s rehearsing with a live band now and things will begin properly happening I think around May time. For now, download her ‘Rumour’ EP for free right now. It’s brilliant.