Lulu James

A classy slice of electro soul is ‘Closer’, the 2nd single from Lulu James. It sounds like it could have been on that Beth Ditto solo EP and screams new diva loved by the Horsemeat Disco crowd. It slides in nicely next to Jessie Ware, but with nastier nails.

The only complaint is that it could certainly do with ‘going off’ much more when it hits the chorus, but this is an exciting start. Lulu is 21, from South Shields and newly signed to RCA – she was one of my picks for the Sound of 2013 poll and I’m really keen to see what comes next.

Her first single was the much smoother ‘Be Safe’ and it came out on, of course, Black Butter Records


I thought I had posted about this lot a while ago. But no!

Signed to Columbia, MKTO seems to be a US only project at the moment as at last check no one at the UK label had heard of them! They are singer/songwriter Tony Oller and rapper/lyricist Malcolm David (who played Walt in Lost) and obviously really couldn’t think of an imaginative name so plumped for their intials.

‘Thank You’ is their debut single and it’s a really positive youth anthem. It’s got the combined feel of Fun and B.o.B and I think it could really connect and be huge!