My Films of 2012

I’ve never really had a best movies of the year list before, because I’ve never really felt that into film – but now winds have changed. You lucky people! I can’t imagine the baited breath that’s been building up.

I am not judging on artistic expertise or anything – just the films I’ve enjoyed the most this year – and those I recommend you check out if you’ve not seen them. The Imposter is an absolute must (and don’t read up on it before hand – the less you know the better.

21 Jump Street
Who’d have thought Channing Tatum could lead a good movie


The Imposter


The Muppets

Amy Adams, Jason Segal, Kermit – what could go wrong? (Gervais)

In Darkness

Intense Polish holocaust gaspathon


Four people arguing in a room

The Perks of Being A Wallflower

Cutting yourself while listening to The Rocky Horror Picture Show


Awesome trailer


I’m not a Bond-y but this was big screen wowza


Nose of Brody, tears of Kraines


I possibly enjoyed the trailer more than the film.

And the best non 2012 films I watched this year

Midnight Cowboy

The Departed

Bicycle Thieves

We Need to Talk About Kevin



You can keep track of my film watching skills here at Listal.

Ciara Aaron – Wonderland

I just had an email alert telling me that Ciara was playing a tiny coffee shop in Earls Court. I think not. Upon checking it turns out it’s a girl called Ciara Aaron. I know nothing about her other than she has 126 fans on facebook and last posted a song on Soundcloud a year ago. She is not exactly primed for the Sound of 2013 list.

But – this song is properly amazing