Clean Bandit

Yesterday I was struggling to complete my Sound of 2013 votes for the BBC. Some years it’s really clear who I believe will be big next year, but there hasn’t be a huge amount of stuff coming through to my ears of late save for the obvious stuff that’s been specifically set up and held back just to get on the 2013 poll (see A*M*E, Haim, Willy Moon) which is a bit dull.

As I was about to submit my 3, one of Radio 1’s music team posted this gem as his top choice. It’s a band called Clean Bandit and this is the absolutely incredible A&E. There’s soul, classical violins, trippy vocals, garage vibes, everything you need for a smash. Released through the fresh talenthouse that is Black Butter Records, it appears that the band are the instrumentalists and they’re working with a variety of vocalists on their material. This time round we’re listening to the really cool sounds of Kandaka Moore & Nikki Marshall.


I’m off to listen to Goldust and Sweet Like Chocolate now.

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