Arianna Grande – Put Your Hands Up

Arianna Grande is one of those overachieving American children who has their own TV show by 12 and a host of music under her belt by 16. She’s been on Broadway but this was her debut single in US last year. I can’t tell if it’s the worst thing I’ve ever heard, or if it’s amazing.


Yes, it’s centered around a sample from 4 Non Blondes – What’s Up, but Put Your Hands Up is written by Ms Non Blonde herself, Linda Perry. I particularly like the way Arianna slips into a Caribbean accent occasionally.

It’s better if you don’t watch the video. It will make you hate her / it / the world.

Icona Pop – I Love It

I AM SO DRUNK. LOLZ!!!!!!!!!! is basically the sentiment of this song. Someone alert Ke$ha she has a new shots partner.


It’s so, so Miss-Shapes (my old lesbian Thursday night party at Ghetto) that it aches that the night doesn’t exist anymore. And it’s much noisier than their most awesome song so far, the mighty Manners.

Logic – We Get High

If I could use words like dope, I’d use it on this


with major thanks to this slice of dreaminess from Michael Franks


Benga – Icon

Columbia Records are very excited about their new signing, singer songwriter, Bebe Black, but for now they’re staying pretty quiet about her. She’s had a very small amount of online coverage so far thanks to an online stream of a song called ‘I’ll Wait’ but I have no idea what type of artist she is, her background or what her plan is. Her first big exposure comes courtesy of Benga and a song from his new album Chapter 2 called Icon on which she sounds a little like Sia. Benga is of course one of Magnetic Man and producer behind the awesome Katy on a Mission (which you can hear echoes of on Icon.)


Out 3rd June