Rebecca Ferguson – Glitter and Gold

If there’s one thing Rebecca Ferguson perfected on The X Factor, it was the art of standing still. And the new video to her excellent single ‘Glitter and Gold’ proves she’s not lost that talent. There’s so much standing exactly still on the spot that it’s fascinating.


The Rebecca Ferguson campaign has been a bit strange. When the album was first released it gained enormous press coverage. She was declared the first ‘real’ talent The X Factor had produced and print journalists went gaga over it. Radio and TV on the other hand didn’t seem that bothered.  I’m really pleased then that we’ve playlisted G&G on our upfront list so she’s finally getting the radio exposure she deserves. Just like the album, G&G is quietly understated, but that chorus has a real kick to it.

Plus there’s an enormous pink glitter remix as well, of course.

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