Stooshe – Black Heart

A world away from the abrasiveness of ‘Love Me’, ‘Black Heart’, the 3nd single from Stooshe has really won me over. Last week they played Future Hits Live, a show I put on in Leeds for work, and completely nailed it. Their vocal harmonies are tight, they look great and seem like really good mates.


Black Heart is a gorgeous swoosh of a motown ballad, and you know what makes it even better? It’s written by Shaznay Lewis (who I hope is also writing for Little Mix!)

Beatrice Eli – Conqueror


See Joyce, except this one is actually Scandavian.

Beatrice Eli is Swedish and demanding love in a big way. Conqueror is dark and moody and comes with some gigantic production. I don’t think listening on my headphones is doing this justice, particularly the gigantic drums surrounding the killer line –  ‘I demand that special part – the conqueror of your heart.’

Rebecca Ferguson – Glitter and Gold

If there’s one thing Rebecca Ferguson perfected on The X Factor, it was the art of standing still. And the new video to her excellent single ‘Glitter and Gold’ proves she’s not lost that talent. There’s so much standing exactly still on the spot that it’s fascinating.


The Rebecca Ferguson campaign has been a bit strange. When the album was first released it gained enormous press coverage. She was declared the first ‘real’ talent The X Factor had produced and print journalists went gaga over it. Radio and TV on the other hand didn’t seem that bothered.  I’m really pleased then that we’ve playlisted G&G on our upfront list so she’s finally getting the radio exposure she deserves. Just like the album, G&G is quietly understated, but that chorus has a real kick to it.

Plus there’s an enormous pink glitter remix as well, of course.

Joyce – Keep The Lights On

If we were talking typical Talia music a few years ago it would involve a floaty sounding female pop star singing over an electronic track. There would be extra bonus if  the artist was Scandinavian. So when my friend Ben played me ‘Keep The Lights On’ by Joyce a few weeks ago he was confused that I wasn’t that into it. I thought it all sounded a bit 5 years ago and I didn’t really like the ‘Laaaaandan’ accent talky bit, but a couple of listens later I’ve changed my mind – it’s too euphoric and twirly to not like.


Joyce isn’t her real name. Bizarrely it’s a stage name instead of Katherine Fussey. I always think of old ladies when I hear the name Joyce, but she’s a 21 year old Londoner signed to Island Records. This song is a reworking of a Wave Machines song which is pretty similar. Joyce just adds that extra shimmer. Out April 30.

Benny Banks – Bada Bing

Once you get over this being, well, a bit much, you soon realise that Bada Bing is a tuuuuuuuune! It’s raw, fresh, noisy and grabs your attention. Plus try not singing bada boom bada bing all afternoon!


Bada Bing was Benny’s debut single released earlier in the year in Feb. It marks the start of his relationship with 679/Warners so there’s much more to come, including supporting similarly hyped new US rapper Mac Miller in May.

Machines Don’t Care – Beats Dun Drop

I love Katy B – but the new Olympics single with Mark Ronson is doing absolutely nothing for me. I’m not sure how they could get it so wrong! But slotting nicely into the Katy B vibe is the summery fun-filled ‘Beats Dun Drop.’

Machines Don’t Care are a collective of DJs and producers who teamed up a few years ago to work on the project. I think Herve is the boss and he brings others on board including  the likes of Drop The Lime, Fake Blood, Sinden, Toddla T etc… so basically everyone who’s really pushing dance music forward at the moment. ‘Beats Dun Drop’ features the vocal talents of Meleka who you might remember from ‘Go’ her big funky track in late 2009.

Big bass, tropical steel pan vibes and an absolute killer of a topline hook – it’s out on Deconstruction / Columbia on April 29.