The House of Annie Lennox

I have a rather unfair opinion of Annie Lennox as a woman who doesn’t half bleat on. Thankfully it tends to be about amazing, worthy things that she’s upto or supporting. She’s certainly the most obvious AIDS activist I can think of. Had however, I have been about (in non toddler format) at the height of her fame I suspect I’d be a huge, huge fan and she would have been right up my street.

A strong, confident woman with able to manipulate her image, play with her sexuality, become an icon and put on a fierce show. What’s not to love? I’m a fan of the Eurythmics and solo songs I’ve just come across in my life but they’re another one of those bands that are on my very long list of people to properly invest time in when I have it.

This weekend I happened across The House of Annie Lennox at The V&A. We had half an hour in the museum and were quickly running through to see what we could find. I’ve only ever been around the fashion galleries there (currently closed until April 2012) and my childhood memory was that that was the entire museum. How wrong I am. I need to go back there and do some proper exploring.

This time however we were lucky enough to discover this nearly hidden room. It’s a gorgeous one room display, curated by Annie herself, that pumps out songs and displays some of her famous outfits, her awards, and various handwritten lyrics, notes and memories. Centered around what looks like a small wendy house, it’s really worth popping in quickly and checking it out if you’re in the area. It’s definitely reignited my interest and jumped the Eurythmics to the top of my bands to listen to list.

The exhibition is free and runs until the end of February 2012.

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