Selena Gomez

The whole Disney doing music with pretty young things escapade has pretty much passed me by as I was too old for High School Musical which is when everything really blew up. Jonas Brothers-wise I only care about my hope that Nick never returns to his ‘trying to squeeze a poo out’ acting face as Marius in Les Mis. Miley though admittedly did raise the game dramatically with the absolute excellence of ‘See You Again’ and then the not quite as good but still ace ‘Fly On The Wall’.

Selena Gomez, despite her fabulously pop star name, has never quite made it into my musical radar. She’s a beautiful china doll but the only real interest I had with her was the decision to curiously name her pop outfit ‘Selena Gomez and The Scene’.

Regardless of her background – if you were a the two seminal pop albums of our time (State of Mind & Come and Get It) then you need to hear her new single.

‘Love You Like A Love Song’ is furiously icy and robotic. Selena however reckons it’s ‘talking about how crazy you are about someone whenever it’s the beginning. It’s the honeymoon stage if you will.” Of course we all know that frigid pop music is the best kind particularly when it’s paired with a video that must have been storyboarded when someone was completely high. In contrast her last single ‘Who Says’ was warm and bubbly but absolutely diabolical.



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