Jess Mills

Jess Mills‘ first slice of chart power came earlier this year when she was the featured vocalist on Breakage’s Fighting Fire. I think this type of thing is described as post-dubstep or some nonsense, but let’s all be honest here… this is stone cold trance.

Jess was a member of a slightly blogged up group called His Girl Friday which is an awesome name for a group and should be reused immediately. Now she’s hanging out with this Mr Breakage and making songs that don’t sound like much else at the mo. I think it’s the spaced out echoey effects on her vocals that really get me.

Her new single ‘Live For What I’d Die For’ is out August 1
Jess Mills - Live For What I'd Die For by Jess Mills

And make sure you listen to her awesome cover of The Cure’s ‘A Forest’. It’s a joy to hear a Cure cover that isn’t in the bossa nova style for once and instead sounds like something you might be sliced to death by a serial killer too. Love.


p.s. Florrie can bore off already

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