Jess Mills

Jess Mills‘ first slice of chart power came earlier this year when she was the featured vocalist on Breakage’s Fighting Fire. I think this type of thing is described as post-dubstep or some nonsense, but let’s all be honest here… this is stone cold trance.

Jess was a member of a slightly blogged up group called His Girl Friday which is an awesome name for a group and should be reused immediately. Now she’s hanging out with this Mr Breakage and making songs that don’t sound like much else at the mo. I think it’s the spaced out echoey effects on her vocals that really get me.

Her new single ‘Live For What I’d Die For’ is out August 1
Jess Mills - Live For What I'd Die For by Jess Mills

And make sure you listen to her awesome cover of The Cure’s ‘A Forest’. It’s a joy to hear a Cure cover that isn’t in the bossa nova style for once and instead sounds like something you might be sliced to death by a serial killer too. Love.


p.s. Florrie can bore off already

Emeli Sande – Heaven

Emeli was the female voice on Chipmunk’s Diamond Rings, Wiley’s Your Woman and is someone who pretty much everyone on the urban scene has been telling me is going to be huge for the next year.

Heaven is her debut single and a pretty powerful opener. I can’t do better than the press release which says it has ‘lavish strings, bombastic horns and trip hop beats’. It’s like a more pumped up version of Yasmin’s Finish Line. Poor amazing Yasmin.


No time to write anything else as I’m off to Liverpool to see Nicola Roberts play Radio City Live. Scream!

More from Mr Disco Pop.

Josh Osho – Redemption Days

THIS IS BIG (I have completely lost the ability to write so apols).


Those soaring strings. That huge, uplifting chorus. “Redemption Days” should be a killer of a radio hit this summer. It’s the type of song, like Aloe Blacc, that should run across the board, from Radio 2 to The Hits to Kiss.

I expected Josh to be late 20s with his deep, rich voice, but instead he’s only 19. Born in South London I’ve been told he’s had a pretty awful life so far (there is a strong chance that I’ve confused this with a film I watched last week), but now with Wu Tang Clan producing his debut album and Ghostface featuring on this, his debut single, things might slightly be on the up (!) This is also the best thing Ghostface has done since this gigantically epic piece of pop.

If anyone has seen my vocabulary please send it back.

Call Your Girlfriend

This is amazing


Pretty much everything about this makes me happy.

Dancing on her Own – wearing Spice Girl shoes – nicking a man and dishing out love advice.

I’m in the States this month and am so, so tempted to do an internal and go see the Katy Perry / Robyn show. The combination of the big release moments in ‘Dancing on my Own’ and ‘Firework’ would probably be so intense I’d explode or at very best throw up. Being made to throw up is exactly what pop music in 2011 should I think make you do. Awesome.

La Di Da Di Daaaa

Carly Simon’s ‘Why’ is a proper, proper tune. Written by Nile Rodgers no less, Carly released it to celebrate my birth in 1982 to little effect in the States. Here in the UK though we loved her new strutting abilities, got on board with the disco and took it top 10. I’m going to try this walk out on Oxford Street next week.


After a bit of, looking back, bloody amazing ‘you say Glamma, I say Kid’ action in the 1990s, it hit #10 again, and now 11 years later it’s back in the form of ‘Don’t Know Why’ by new Mercury girlgroup Soundgirl.


Commercial radio is all over this song, and rightly so – it’s a shame it doesn’t look like the BBC are going to follow. Three school friends, the girls are 14, 17 and 18 I think and look like a really convincing, colourful, new girlgroup – a far cry away from the overstyling of Parade. Another absolute sound of summer 2011 for me.

As one YouTube commenter said: My speakers dont go loud´╗┐ enough!!!

Down With The Crumpets

Summer’s here – it’s crying out for a hit and this should do exactly the job LDN did a couple of years ago.


I’m properly obsessed. This is Rizzle Kicks – Sylvester (!) and Rizzle. Both 19 from Brighton, the pair were signed to Island earlier in the year and are getting set for their first major release on June 12th. Horns!

(I have no time to blog, I have an awesome new job but time zapping!)