Runaway Love


“Like Janis Joplin if she’d swapped the Southern Comfort for a flat white and a Francois Truffaut boxset, Alice’s brand of rock’n’roll is rowdy and raucous, but pinned down by a super chic sophistication.”

Alice Gold’s official biography is filled with a large amount of singer-songwriter guff as above. She’s been touring with Noah & The Whale, The Dears and The Bookhouse Boys – the whole set up is very credible snoozeworthy singer songwriter. I don’t become very excited when songs are ‘written after a heady weekend at Camp Bestival’ either.

So for now I’ll just take her exceptional debut single for what it is without worrying about the rest of it. It’s just a gorgeous song from a girl with a brilliant pop star name that slots nicely into a playlist next to Shivaree’s spine-tingling ‘Goodnight Moon’.


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