Dionne Bromfield Grows Up


It’s amazing what difference a year and a half can make. Remember Dionne Bromfield? Dionne is Amy Winehouse’s god-daughter and first appeared in summer 2009 signing to Amy’s own Island Records imprint Lioness Records. Back then she was a really cute little girl with a great soul voice, a covers album and a future promising great things.

That future has come quickly. Now 15, she’s just released the video for ‘Yeah Right’ the first single from her 2nd album. Newly confident and beaming with pop star qualities, Dionne looks classy and sounds great in this sassy girl-power anthem. Sounding like a Ronson production, the song has got quite a Duffy feel to it and is good, but not jaw-droppingly so. It’s enough though to suddenly totally reposition Dionne as an artist with serious potential. ‘Yeah Right’ also sees the UK debut of adorable US rap youngster Diggy Simmons – the son of Run DMC – and the pair look super cute together, even if they are bitching at each other!

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