Shot Yourself in the Foot Again

I’m not a huge fan of Example. I think he’s a little bit fake (is that really your accent?) and when I saw him at Wireless last year it was all a bit hooligan like (twin set and pearls!). There’s no denying though that Kickstarts is rather a large tune, and now he’s teamed up with Skream to get all dubstep. It’s a really charty ‘phat’ dubstep sound but at least it suits him so is less comedy than Britney’s.

This could be pretty big chart wise I reckon, but instead they’ve decided to release it as a free single via soundcloud, so grab away. The video is directed by Example himself and is great, until the last 10 seconds when it goes TOTALLY DIABOLICAL.


One thought on “Shot Yourself in the Foot Again

  1. Haha I agree about the last ten seconds! I’m not keen on the “never should’ve listened to the serpent” line either. I do like Example though.

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