I’ve never really liked Adele.

Well, no, that’s a lie. I love her cover of ‘Make You Feel My Love’, am reasonably comfortable with her debut album, and think Daniel Merriweather duet ‘Water and a Stone’ should have been #1 for 10 weeks.

The problem came with ‘Hometown Glory’. To me it’s a complete copy of Sia’s ‘Breathe Me’ and I fail to see both now and when it came out how everyone didn’t say hello, alert! about this fact.

Forget all this though. Her new single is incredible.

The first release from the forthcoming ’21’, ‘Rolling in the Deep’ is a slice of gruff, bluesy gospel reminiscent of Vera Hall’s Troubled So Hard. Adele lets rip like we’ve not really heard her before, sounding like the less annoying sister of Beth Ditto. It’s also the first Adele song that lends itself to putting on some boots and stomping about in a grumpy fashion. Tonight at Popstarz, I hope someone will do just that.


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