One Direction : The Winner’s Song

There’s a dirty rumour going around that Adele’s version of ‘Make You Feel My Love’ is going to be the X-Factor winner’s song this year. This makes sense in that this time last year everyone was predicting Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing. It’s been used the most on the show this series and has been happily sitting in the iTunes Top 10 for weeks now. Well done Bob Dylan.

However, should One Direction beat Boring Matt to claim the trophy (Cher or Aiden for the win is obviously where we’re at though), then there are only three songs that Simon Cowell should be considering. All boyband classics, all with the ability to let Harry look gorgeous and furious at the same time. The top two make me ridiculously wet eyed every time I hear them.

The last of Busted’s singles before Charlie bogged off and ruined a brilliant band, and also their 4th #1 although it was paired with the regrettably diabolical ‘Thunderbirds’. Also ‘lol’ at Tim Kash’s introduction.


Sitting on a dusty shelf in the Sony back-catalogue, this comes directly from Cowell’s past. He’s even in the video if you look closely. Released after the band split, this was their last ever single (there’s a running theme here).


As pointed out by Sir Tom of Gormer, this slightly more uptempo number fits perfectly into the grumpiest boyband hits of all time.


All proper top quality pop songs, and anyone who ignores them just because they were sung by boybands is a prize loser.

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