No, I’ve not discovered Jesus.

Blokey electropop is all the rage at the moment. In the UK, there’s Professor Green, Example and now Ed Drewett emerging looking like Mr Hudson and sounding like Just Jack on the poppy, but pretty average Champagne Lemonade via Virgin Records. Over on Mercury, Christian TV is heading over from early hype in the states with the 3oh!3esque ‘When She Turns 18’. Here’s the Lolita style video. He might as well just be shouting “Hello ladies. I have a cock and I’m not afraid to use it on you!” He’s got another, actually pretty awesome (if you avoid the porny video) low swung sexy number, called ‘Let’s Just Fuck’. What a charmer.


‘When She Turns 18’ will be Christian’s first UK single and he’s over playing shows including one at the ICA on October 27th.

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