Jessie’s Girl

Rick Springfield’s ‘Jessie’s Girl’ isn’t a song that I’ve really grown up with. Despite being a Grammy award winner and Billboard #1 in the States in 1981, it only reached #43 here when it was released 3 years later over here. So I’m not really sure how big this song is in the UK, if anything it’s probably Guitar Hero that’s secured it’s enduring popularity. Personally I think I only first heard it a couple of months ago when Lucio played it at ‘I Built This Speedwagon on a Prayer’ (a power ballads night at The RVT that we run) and then soon afterwards I watched Boogie Nights in which it features. Since then I’ve been list ening to it A LOT and played it again at the latest Speedwagon last week.


What nicely ironed trousers.

Once the Madonna episode of Glee aired, a lot of people suggested they’d foolishly left out the schmaltzy ‘Dear Jessie’. Instead it seems Jesse St James was definately named for a reason, but it’s so they ¬†could bring Rick Springfield into play. When ‘Laryngitis’ airs in the UK on Monday I’m pretty sure that the #43 chart position is going to be smashed to pieces. In fact it’s probably the most hit heavy episode of the sadly fading Glee. There’s not very much action but brilliant song after song is banged out with two non Rachel based duets in particular absolutely nailing it.

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