New from Xenomania – Florrie

It’s no secret that I like a girl in a band. I like it even more if they’re the only girl, and even, even, even more if they’re the drummer. Although role of favourite girl drummer in the world falls to Cherisse Osei, there’s a new challenger in the form of Florrie.

Florrie is a songwriter and part of JFK, the in-house band over at Xenomania towers. I saw her perform as the backing band to all the artists at the brilliant Xenofest showcase the production ‘outfit’ held over the summer but now she’s just released her first piece of music via youtube. Complete with a trademark Xenomania style rap and the gorgeous swooshing club beats of a Fred Falke remix, it reveals her to be perhaps an unexpected new pop starlet for this year. That’s if they don’t insist she hands it over to Mini Viva to release instead.

Prepare to make this dreary Wednesday morning feel like Friday night.

[youtube] [/youtube]

p.s. what the hell has happened to Jessie Malakouti, please Xenomania?

One thought on “New from Xenomania – Florrie

  1. Lots of buzz for her, no? Can’t wait to check into it later tonight.

    As for Jessie – I know she’s still working on a record, and has been in LA working with a lot of smaller Universal producers (RAS being one of them — on Twitter @RASOfficial). From what I understand, she has ditched a lot of her original material, including “Trash Me.”

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