Look at the state of this:


It doesn’t always have to be shiny pop and a synth to get me interested in a new artist, but when you’re emailed about a hundred of them every day it helps. In fact if you’re a singer songwriter with authentic musician hair and a ‘journey’ I’ve probably dozed off before I’ve even got through the email. Hold up though, as this all goes out of the window for London boy Jonathan Jeremiah.

We’re going to pretend he’s called just Jeremiah because it’s much more fun and well, there aren’t enough pop stars out there named after prophets. Originally from North London, he’s been on some kind of perfect for press release journey that’s taken him from working every hour god sends, to travelling across America on a bus and convincing cool people like Bernard Butler (‘cool’) and The Roots to work with him. I don’t really care though, as all I’m interested in is the way his new single ‘Happiness’ has the power to transport me straight to the bit of rocky beach outside Cafe Mambo and make me go all dreamy. And that’s even before the soft waves and Late Night Tales vibes of the Quiet Village Remix kick in.


Of course, it is nothing compared to this, one of the actual best songs in the world ever:

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